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06-27-2013, 04:22 PM
I know that there is a lot of animal lovers on this site, myself included. I was just wondering what your take on people being able to own dangerous animals and should the owners of these pets be reported to animal control or have laws put into effect to make it illegal to own...the following;

Pit Bulls
Feral Cats
Boa Constrictors

^ Just for example.

I personally find it my duty, as I have owned many pets over my lifetime, to report any sort of animal abuse, (and I have), as well as when people have dangerous animals in their households. Should these animals be allowed to kept as house pets or should they be released back into their natural habitat and/or put down? We can't have an emotional deliberation here. It's about ethics and safety. What say you?

06-27-2013, 10:27 PM
I’m a proud owner of reptiles. I’ve worked at my local reptile show. I find it as the owner’s responsibility of knowing their animal. Having a Boa Constrictor as a pet can be just as dangerous as having a fluffy domestic kitten. It’s sad when irresponsible owners bring negative feedback to a community of pet owners. I do believe if you choose to keep an exotic, or anything that isn’t considered “normal” to always do your homework! Make sure your financially able to provide, know the longevity of your pet, do you need special state licensing, do you have the space, etc. I can go on forever. I just know I would be deeply sadden if I could no longer care, and love for reptiles. Boa Constrictors are amazing snakes with a great personality!