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Seriously, if you are under 18 OR 21, depending on the state you reside, do not read this. For real. I am not joking. It's very inappropriate.

Colorado pt.1

I was sitting in my hotel room. It was a blustery day in Colorado and I was snowed in. I traveled by myself to take pictures of the rocky mountains, the frosted laurels that make their colossal size even more beautiful. I was sitting on a bench drinking a hot chocolate masturbating through a hole in my jeans. Just masturbating through a hole in my jeans and watching people below in the town of Aspen drive around, ice skate together, and then I ejaculated. As soon I climaxed, an avalanche began to tumble towards me. I got in my car with my cum still cobwebbed between my fingers and sped away. I eventually made it to a bar all soaked in melted ice, cum, and spilled hot chocolate. This is where I met her.

She had frazzled hair and gnarly teeth but she seemed to have a warm soul, and I wanted to be inside of her. So I smothered her with some ether and carried to her car like a true gentleman. I took her to a cabin where there was a nice bear skin rug and a fire place. I put on some holiday carols and started to disrobe to them. She didn't even seem startled by the fact that she had been kidnapped and that I was stripping to Christmas Carols.

I still had not bathed at this point. I just saw on the news before she woke up that the avalanche had destroyed the entire village and her family was trapped and presumed dead. I could not tell her this. I layed down next to her. Both of our bodies shivering. I put my crusted hand on her thigh. She could not move it as she was tied with some heavy duty tape and rope I bought at a hardware store. She still didn't mind. We were both laying there staring at a pallid ceiling. Nightfall was coming. There had just been a natural disaster and we are both just laying in bed. I laid on top of her completely naked to keep her warm. She didn't even blink. How can I get a reaction out of her I thought? So I slid my fingers inside of her butthole. She didn't even flinch. It was at that moment that I realized that she wasn't a real woman but was in fact some guys used blow up doll that he used as a date earlier that day.

I examined the doll. There was still some moisture from his essence that he left in there. It smelled like burnt rubber and stale malt liquor. Still, the job had to be done. I didn't need a condom seeing as how it was just a blow up doll, right? Or so I thought. I proceeded to fuck this rubber woman as quietly as I could for about 12 - 15 minutes. After I was done I noticed that my cock had turned bright orange. I didn't know what I could have possibly contracted.

The next day I went to the doctor. I told him that I had kidnapped another mans plastic girlfriend and that I think I have some sort of STD. They ran some blood tests and later it was discovered that it was just tanning lotion. He used tanning lotion as a lubricant. Now my cock was darker than an overcooked chicken. Relieved but embarrassed I went back to my lodge and threw her in the dumpster. The rest of the day I spent just shooting ropes and ropes of cum all over the place while watching female tennis. Colorado doesn't have a tennis team. Where am I?

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hahahaahahhahahaha what

(I want more of this tbh)

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hahahaahahhahahaha what

I asked myself the same question. I literally typed that out free flowing thought style. I have no idea what the fuck it means, I am very stoned, but there are a lot of hidden meanings contained within it. Somehow... lol

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Had to re-read this and think a bit. The detail is dead on sick fun. I think the premise is reminiscent of Philip K. Dick. You've got the skin, hang it on a solid framework and I think you really have the makings of a good short story. Kudos.

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I appreciate that. When I post "stories" in this section, (which is in the wrong section btw MODS), they are usually off the cuff streaming thought, sometimes drug induced 5 minute instantly mashed whipped up on a dime fragments of things I am working on. I am currently working on a novel at the moment. When that's finished I'll post a link to it.