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07-08-2013, 07:40 AM
"We Eat Our Young"

Some thinks I've been thinging about.

In the context of We're From America, the lyric is seemingly meant as a metaphor, rather than an indication of cannibalism. However, in regards to Manson's canon overall, and The High End Of Low, I did some reading about the process of 'Filial Cannibalism', which occurs in animal species that literally eat their young. Some interesting species oft-mentioned in Manson's work included spiders, flies, moths*, rodents, and rabbits.
We're From America is probably the song on The High End Of Low that explores similar ideas to Holy Wood, an album that was populated with images of flies, monkeys, and bees. This idea of consumption seems comparable to that of death overall, especially as during Holy Wood, both monkeys and flies are huge emblems of violence, decay, and in relation to Columbine, the death of children.

During The High End Of Low Manson debuted the painting Great White Spider, which many take to be modelled upon Isani Griffiths, who was rumoured to be the inspiration for Pretty As A Swastika. This is interesting, because it's evidently relative to Wight Spider, but the addition of 'Great White' may be further related to Cannibalism, as another species known to eat their offspring, or each other, is the great white shark.


Marilyn Manson . Great White Spider

Manson's paintings have explored this idea of eating children before, here's two more:-


Those Bits Down There Are Gristle



That also reminded me of Crop Failure, Manson's painting of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Depicting them as a 'crop' suggests the notion of America's children as a yield, or foodstuff:-


Sometimes I find that cross-referencing Manson's paintings with things he's said on records helps to expand or explain them further, it's not all contained within the song.
Within We're From America, there's also the discussion of 'birth'. I only really thought about it further today, but the song's overall theme is still the murder of children, in a round-about fashion. It says "Where Jesus was born", and "We don't like to kill our unborn". Consider as well that medically, sperm is in essence, full of unborn children, so there's the juxtaposition of pro-life and cumshots being analysed. I think birth as the opposite of death and the significance of children has always been an issue written about by Manson, but the phrase "We eat our young" is one of the most direct ways he's said it outside of Holy Wood.

* It is worth noting the recurring theme of Lepidoptera in Manson's work, butterflies and moths specifically, showing most prevalence in Antichrist Superstar, with Manson in chrysalis form as 'Wormboy'.

07-08-2013, 08:13 AM
That note at the very bottom of your post, and how you mentioned moths, I immediately thought of the "tourniquet" video. Dead butterflies, horses, and the wormboy. As a reference to "we kill our young".
Your post was really a very very insightful read. (I'm fucking stoned, but I can see it in my head, these visuals as I read what you're trying to convey). America as we really know it behind it's "glass-window-pride", we see the disgusting hell that lies behind it. Uncovering every lie, every death, every hypocriticalism, anything that America is afraid to admit. The way I see it, I truly see Marilyn Manson himself as the "modern-day Jesus Christ",but more of an angry Jesus. (I am not making a mockery here.) I've really thought long and hard as I evaluated everything he's done, all this albums, artwork, and interviews and everything in between, it's like he's trying to solve a puzzle, looking for a way to save the world. "I don't want to fucking die, but I had to do it", his response before a show in Colorado after Columbine happened. There was a sense of fear for him that day, I think that's as brave as going to war in Iraq.

There's much more I want to add here, but I want to get all my wordings right and not sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm really fascinated with these evaluations.

07-08-2013, 10:26 AM
Manson once described "We're from America" as being the impetus behind THEOL. It is the crux of that record because it is "The Father" of all the fucked up little insects that the record is crawling with. Even as far back as on the track Rock n' Roll Nigger he states "I am your shit. You should be ashamed of what you have eaten". It's about creating, giving birth to something, then when it points out your flaws it becomes defective and not something you want to take responsibility for anymore. So fuck it, kill it, send it to war or jail, destroy it, eat out the core and turn it into litter. "Crop Failure" so to speak as you've already illustrated is the sad truth that even if something is rotten, we will sell it. We will devour it. We will severe its head from our stems just grow fresher crops and hire new actors as their replacements. We are a culture of blood and fear gluttons. Put another star on Holywood Blvd.


The above graphic is a popular one. I'm sure everyone has seen it at some point. I think it fits into this thread because in America we are one of only seven countries that executes children. We raise them in front of television sets, nail them into place in front of evangelists where they're told that it's their only choice to become Christlike, to die or kill for something they believe in even if it lacks credibility because "we're fucking incredible". If they don't then they are only good enough to burn in hell if they dare to outgrow the fabric they are being smothered with. Why? Because we need it. It's our sustenance. We televise wars, we televise trials, we broadcast the journalistic autopsy reports on terrorists and spree shooters for the masses who sit bug eyed wondering who and what created this monster? It shouldn't be that difficult to figure out why history repeats itself and why these things happen. Yet we love being shocked. We love the climate of suspense and breaking news of some "prophecy" that came true. We look forward to the end times and try to make it happen everyday in order to feel justified and right.

If you take a look at that picture you'll notice that there is a child being held at camera point while a police officer offers him a joint. There is a priest standing behind the cameraman waiting to deliver the child into perfect martyrdom and the parents are far removed as the mother holding a newborn child, while the father looks away, are just standing by watching and waiting. Does that remind anyone else of another similar story ...of a mother and father watching their son die to preserve their own legacy...? "She tells me I'm a pretty bullet. An imitation Christ"/"The day they covered us, (gave us coverage), in the dirt. Like stars in the ground that will grow into dead flowers". We worship a dead man and every Sunday where we eat his flesh and drink his blood. Cannibalism and Vampirism. Fear and consumption. Worship, obey, submit or be punished. Jeremiah 19: 9 I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another's flesh during the stress of the siege imposed on them by the enemies who seek their lives.

The Columbine Flower


It is a 5 pointed/petaled flower, (like a star), with 15 cm spurs. Food to moths and butterflies. It is symbolic of the dove, which as we should know, has long been a symbol of peace, gentleness, and love. That reputation apparently transferred to the flower, with Francis Bacon referring to "columbine innocency." In European pantomime, Columbine was Harlequin's dancing sweetheart, and the Italian Columbina a term of affection. However it has paradoxically become a symbolic bouquet of tragedy and bloodshed. The fallen spurs of the Columbine flower resemble the Virgin Mary's shoes, which were worn on her visits to see Elizabeth. According to legend, Mary's shoes caused the Columbine flower to spring up beneath her, symbolizing her innocence. The fallen petals also resembled tiny doves, which are a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and the seven petals of the cultivated columbine flower represent the Holy Spirit's seven gifts. Another lyrical parallel that could be made between "We are damaged provider modules. Spill the seeds at our children's feet"/"Mother Mary, miscarry, but we pray just like insects. And the world is so ugly now".Those are just a couple of things I wanted to add for now. Take it from there.

I like the track this thread is on so far. Good job.

The Empirical Guy
07-09-2013, 05:07 AM
I first read this on The Nachtkabarett years ago, so won't claim any credit for it, but it's definitely relevant to the topic.

Back in the Holy Wood days, Manson made references to the classical story of Saturn, who ate his children in a bid to avoid the prophecy they would one day kill him (why he had to eat them and couldn't just kill them I don't know. Guy was just fucked up I guess). Anyway, in the Holy Wood booklet is a depiction of Saturn eating one of his offspring from the alchemy text Chymica Vannus, shown here:


There is also, albeit briefly, a shot in the video for The Nobodies that shows the Francisco de Goya painting, Saturn Devouring One Of His Children:


In The Nobodies video, bottom right corner:


The Nobodies video featured somewhat of a flipside on the tale, with the children devouring the older generation.

There's more on Saturn on The Nachtkabarett, as it's their work and research and not all as relevant to the topic I'll direct you there for further reading.

The Overman
08-28-2015, 08:24 AM


We are all America; all part of the pain and suffering and the
agony of America; all feeding the agony and conflict of America -
whether we are for or against or indifferent and unconcemed;
whether we care or not.

We will all be concerned in the outcome of America even if we
don't feel concerned now. We all share the future.

America eats its young - maybe. But America is also our child, is
now how we all have made it; has become what we have wanted it to
be. America reflects to us what we have come to. The state of
America is our state.

America eats its young. But we eat America, pollute it, abuse it,
rape it, take from it, destroy it. As we give so do we receive.
As we give to America and all her factions, so do we receive from
America and all her factions. Do we give love or do we give fear
and hate? America is racked with conflict; our conflict; the
conflict of rich and poor, have and have not, black and white,
male and female, order and chaos, hawk and dove, love and hate,
old and young, right and left.

But it's our conflict, not America's, no matter what side of the
fence we are on. The question is: Does what we are doing from our
particular side have positive or negative effects? Is what we are
doing aimed at reconciliation of the conflict, or just getting
our way at the other side's expense? What about the "opposition"?
What do they feel? Or are we our own opposition, our own enemy?

What is missing? What does America need most? What are her
children lacking? How can we banish evil? What can we give to our
enemies? Who is Satan? Christ help us: we are lost, lost in our
fury, lost in our blame, lost in our apathy, Call to us, call to

What can we give to our enemies?
Love? Love our enemies? Love Satan? Love Satan?????

What is love? How can we put love into action. Christ help us:
it's not easy. How can we break the spiral that is breaking
America, is breaking us?

Christ teaches; If we want satisfaction, the only way we can have
it is by giving it to people.

Christ help us: it's not easy.
Christ teaches: When we are able to love those around us whatever
they might do or be, without blame, and without in any way
separating what they are from what we are: then, and only then,
can we be sure that we are fulfilled within ourselves. The only
way is to love our enemies!

Christ help us: it's not easy
But it's the only way.
What do you think, brothers and sisters?

Better still, Clinton himself opens up about the relationship with the Process Church in his 2014 memoir, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?. He says they met not in Toronto, but in Boston:

There was a group called the Process Church that had been founded by a British couple as an offshoot of Scientology, and in the late sixties they started hanging out with the band, mainly in Boston. They would feed the kids in Boston Common and they ran what was basically the first day-care center that I can remember, offering to watch children when mothers went to work. We ended up excerpting some of their thinking in the Maggot Brain liner notes, which seemed fine at the time—it was a form of self-actualization, not an uncommon or unpopular philosophy at the time. We did the same thing for America Eats Its Young, but with far different results. In the summer of 1969, a career criminal (and part-time songwriter) named Charles Manson led a band of followers on a killing spree in upscale residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles, murdering a number of people, including Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate. The killers were under the influence of a crazy-quilt mythology that somehow tied together the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter,” race war, and Satan worship. There was some thought that Manson had drawn on some of the writings of the Process Church. I thought there was a difference—he talked about something called the Final Church of Judgment, and the group hanging around with us was the Church of Final Judgment—but this was probably too fine a distinction for a public still trying to get a handle on a killing spree. Rolling Stone gave us a hard time for the association in their review.

There were real-life consequences, too. Right around the time we finished up this record, we were out in California. Half of the band must have gotten the same pussy, so one by one they went off to the clinic. Fuzzy Haskins had a bad reaction to the shot, and having heard on the radio all day about the Family murders, he started rambling about the band right there in the clinic, explaining how we weren’t connected to Manson at all but somehow, in his not-entirely-coherent monologue, making it seem like maybe we were. We were strangers in California at that time. People didn’t know shit about us. We looked weird, and we had weird ideas. The notion that we had anything to do with Manson caused a tremendous problem for a little while.

Two Faced Egg (23)
08-28-2015, 03:49 PM
I still remember a Synchronicity I experienced after hearing "We're From Amerikka" ..seeing an Advertisement for a Industrial/Goth themed Pornographic Film titled - "Swallow My Children" ...How Odd it felt .. ... cheers (TwentyThree)