View Full Version : Everyone is Happy

07-17-2013, 01:46 AM
Who sharpened the arrows of time,
to lead us to the stars to climb?
Who said, this is divinity,
where everyone is happy?

How often when we set our sight
does the sky break to prove us right?
Is there a place where we are free,
where everyone is happy?

My mind just never adjusted,
when all of those trappings rusted.
I think that I am meant to be,
where everyone is happy.

For castles made of starry skies
rest on the shores of paradise.
Is this the home you want for me,
where everyone is happy?

Who likes to stand upon the small
to glorify their power's pall?
What stands between me and that key,
where everyone is happy?

How many times will a world wait
to achieve such a perfect state?
Where is this place, asked devotee,
where everyone is happy?

It's before you, said the master,
sitting on a silver platter.
Grotesque in its form and beauty.
where everyone is happy.

If you remember, once I said,
we are not alive and not dead.
Yes, there is a place that I see,
where everyone is happy.