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Disposable Teens / Holy Mountain

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Last night, I watched Titus. I heard there were some similarities between some of the scenes in the movie with the Nobodies music video, but I thought I'd take screenshots because I've never seen any screenshots from it. Also, I found something else that may relate to the Celebritarian emblem and an image from the newest era. Feel free to repost these where ever. There are spoilers for the movie and I will briefly explain what's going on.

Two characters (Chiron and Demetrius) cut out this girl's (Lavinia) tongue and cut off her hands. They replaced them with branches and in this scene specifically, they run around laughing and playing in the mud. Her uncle ends up finding her after the boys leave and he takes her home to her father (Titus). She gets new hands, which are from a mannequin or doll. This may be a little far fetched, but it reminds me of the two hands in the Celebritarian emblem.
Later on, the empress (Tamara) visits Titus with her two sons (Chiron and Demetrius). She thinks he is crazy and tries to make him believe that this is just in his head, etc. They are trying to represent rape, revenge and murder if I remember correctly. Tamara wears knives on her head, which is a lot like in the Celebritarian emblem.
Tamara ends up leaving Chiron and Demetrius there, thinking that Titus is crazy and that he doesn't think that's really them, but he does. He plans to have the empress and emperor over for dinner, so he ends up killing the two boys and making two pies out of them.
The dinner begins and Titus feeds everyone the pies. Lavinia comes into the room and he kills her, then tells the royal family that they are eating the two boys. Lavinia has this over her head and reminds me of recent photos of Manson.


I'd recommend watching this movie, I'm sure there may be other things that could be similar to Manson's imagery.

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Here a couple of Holy Mountain/Marilyn Manson visual parallels.



http://www.nachtkabarett.com/ihvh/img/nk_celebritarian_corporation_masthead_section_intr o.jpg


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Azealia Banks is a female rapper from Harlem. Watch this bit at 2:57


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Azealia at Glastonbury today, looking very Manson:

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Her mouth looks like an inflamed anus.

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Her mouth looks like an inflamed anus.
She was doing that a lot during the show, looking goofy af.
But anyway, I hope the contact was a Manson inspired thing. I would really appreciate her for that.
And then that'd link with my previous visual parallel involving Azealia and Manson.

01-12-2015, 06:51 AM
In an example of Life Imitating Art, I always found stark comparison between this unused Holy Wood promotional image of Twiggy 'The Wizard', and the famous torture photograph from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq:-

http://www.providermodule.com/Administrators/S.D./terror_wizard.png http://www.providermodule.com/Administrators/S.D./terror_abu_ghraib.png

Twiggy's picture predates 9/11 and 'The War On Terror' by over a year, and the Abu Ghraib picture by at least three years. Curiously, Twiggy's outfit is similar if not the same as what he's seen wearing in Slo-Mo-Tion, which even on a basic level deals with sensationalism in front of a camera, and Manson staging an execution, or 'Terror' attack at the video's closure.

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So many things could be said but it's best kept inside because everybody is in love with their own image of what they want MM to be and won't consider anyone else's opinions or fact-checking.

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In an example of Life Imitating Art, I always found stark comparison between this unused Holy Wood promotional image of Twiggy 'The Wizard'
Where is that one coming from? I have never seen it before. Is it a fact that this is an unused Holy Wood promotional image? Do you have any more info on it?

01-12-2015, 12:34 PM
Where is that one coming from? I have never seen it before. Is it a fact that this is an unused Holy Wood promotional image? Do you have any more info on it?
I've had a copy of it for years, just collected together with other Manson files, but it's also been in our gallery for several years as well. Here's the full-size version:-


I am sure I recall chatting with a fan years ago who mentioned it being from unused Holy Wood sessions, but we're talking a decade ago, I couldn't confirm or deny that, I'm also not sure who the photograph is by, sadly. Naturally if it were revealed as post-Holy Wood, I'd be inclined to attribute influence to the Abu Ghraib shot, but at present, I will go with it being a Holy Wood image, Twiggy's clothing and footwear under the hood are similar to things he wore at the time.

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I see, thank you.

The Overman
01-13-2015, 03:40 AM
It's most definitely a Holy Wood promotional picture. MMUSA had it under that section of era-specific photos ages ago.