View Full Version : A Lonely Demon Named Source (And Its Host)

07-27-2013, 04:06 PM
"The Hollowed Rebel"

The lonely demon's name is Source,
who grips behind my eyes and stops my search.
The lonely demon says,
'Watch them as they reenact the weddings of the dead,
and as they wonder if they've altered fate.'
The lowly spider's name is Symbol,
and its creeping legs will suffer in the era when it crawls.
The lonely demon says,
'Night is delirium of the soul,
and morning's the blooming of our limbs.'
The rebel is a hollow husk
dreaming in the spider's web, and no one knows his name.
The lonely demon says,
'Though for ever he desires,
a hollowed rebel is never filled.'


"The Van"
He had a most profound hairdo after blowing out his brains,
his rose-head thoughtless, raw, red, dreams sent out to space.
It was a frenzied brain,
of memories of flesh and fury,
of gorgeous colors of the past,
some of happiness,
some of horror,
of somber comforts that wouldn't last,
for the good of the man
who blew his brains out
in a van.


Pick a tendril from your spine
and poke at conscience a while.
Like an insect it will wriggle,
knock it silly,
kill it quickly,
then take a stroll downtown.

Now we have a hard-on for Destruction,
waiting, the sunlit whore, hot and free,
and all the masses will come out to see...

"Morbid Fibers"
Blissful through primal, damp pines, she wandered,
her youth like a pollenous flower dumbly bloomed
with petals seated deranged by the ravaging of the bee,
in trusty shoes she roamed the spiders and the leaves,
in light blue jeans she found a trail leading who knows where,
away from her mother's house, no longer home.
And rain and mist settled on the town,
an early morning storm passing by,
and the trees didn't care by the murderer's house,
as his garden happily bloomed,
he still lay asleep beside agony
dreaming a tub full of centipedes.