View Full Version : This Is Halloween

10-07-2013, 07:38 PM
We ran the streets. Parental supervision was only for babies. Like 3rd graders.
Parents were supposed to stay home and hand out candy. Curfews didn't exist.
They said 9:00. We said ok. Meaning if you see us by 10:00 or maybe 11:00 you’ll be lucky.
And the costumes. You made your own. No store bought, my mommy sewed, put on a sheet deals.
If you were too lazy or too cool to wear one, tough luck. We’d crowd you off the porch.
This night was our night.
The planning would begin with the start of school.
You couldn’t wear what you wore last year. Or a hand-me-down.
Originality was key. And sturdy design. Never ever anything cardboard.
Rain, snow, cold, hot. We were going out.
There would be maps. Strategic planning. The two people with houses furthest
apart were start and finish. And there were miles of suburb between. The haul would be epic.
And the ‘rents had better keep their filthy fingers to themselves.
Confiscation my ass. We worked hard for that candy.
Then something horrible happened.
They told us we were too old for trick-or-treat.
We went out anyway. We just got more creative. The whole group dressed in theme.
Execution party. Severed head in a wagon. Headless hubby, weeping widow, Jack Ketch. Big wood axe.
Smarting off at dubious gr’ups.
Eventually we lost the urge. Too young to drive we spent our night opening the door.
Eating the candy. Blasting haunted house noises. Putting dry ice in the yard.
Toilet papering our own trees. Scaring the crap out of little kids.
Then down in the basement for pilfered booze and boogy-manning down to Ozzy.
Once upon a time. Long remembered. Long gone.
This was Halloween.