View Full Version : The Sun Set On Robert

11-06-2013, 10:21 PM
Somewhere between Atlantean and white trash her genes were malnourished, and her jeans didn’t want to stay on as she walked. She guided Robert through the thick crowd all stupefied with boredom and frustration and byproduct intoxication. It was nightfall in the labyrinth city. Iridescent blood, acidic, flowed. The word of God was spelled out in the slick velvet of road kill. There was trouble barricading Mytes on the other side of town and with the humid air traveled a subspecies of Death.

‘Here we are, the mutation generation.’

She said her name was Anna, or maybe she said Emma. It didn’t matter in her penetrating eyes. Robert followed with a Satyr’s spine. Reproductive rage held them hypnotic. They just needed to get away from the droning crowd. Even if they could just find a tree to hide behind, they needed to start fucking immediately.

But then our lovers’ frenzy abruptly ended when she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to have a child with her. Now the kid was somewhere missing in the crowd.

‘What?!’ Robert exclaimed, ‘where is he at?’

‘He’s nowhere,’ she said.

Robert was now very confused and concerned as the girl led them through a sudden alleyway, passing by a weary, sweating, street surgeon pouring rotting dead mollusks into a vat of acid.

‘What do you mean he’s nowhere?’

The alley led them out to a vacant parking lot. The girl then hurried over to a steep ditch at the other side of the lot. Robert followed quickly behind. Sure enough, a toddler was drowning in the flooded ditch.

With overwhelming fear, they both ran into the ditch to save the child. So simply after lifting the kid out of the water, he coughed a bit, but was okay. Then the girl started laughing. She started laughing hysterically as the kid just sat out of the water staring out stupefied after almost drowning to death. Robert didn’t find any of it the least bit funny. Then the girl started removing her clothes and beckoning him to come to her. Her gorgeous body and seductive moans were difficult to reject, but Robert couldn’t do it.

‘Don’t worry,’ she explained, ‘he’s not paying any attention to us.’

‘I’ve gotta go,’ Robert said, and started out of the ditch.

‘No!’ the girl started screaming, and then she went into a fit of disappointed rage as Robert continued away from her.

She kept on screaming and begging for him to come back as he walked across the dimly lit parking lot and back through the alley. The sweating street surgeon watched him pass with stupid eyes. Robert passed through the crowd and headed for home. On the way he noticed a strange noise in the atmosphere. The noise was distant and cosmic, as though there was a gigantic black hole whirling somewhere out there in the middle of the labyrinth city.

Robert woke in the small hours of the morning realizing that the black hole noise was still going, and now mingling with the echoes of emergency sirens. The sirens indicated that barricading operations in the outskirts of town had failed, and now flesh-eating Mytes were loose among the city’s population. Robert wondered about Anna/Emma. Then he fell back to sleep.

‘Here we are, the mutation generation.’