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In my creative writing class, we were to re-write a classic fairy tale with a modern twist. I was going to do Hansel and Gretel but changed my mind when I found out that about 1/4th of the class picked it, including the girl sitting next to me. So I chose one that I didn't think anybody would pick due to it being uninteresting. I however, as a modern re-telling, decided to make it interesting with an "experimental" twist.

Just a personal statement before hand: I accept that this story is absolute shit. I wasn't planning on writing a masterpiece due to the fact that it was only worth 10 points total, and I especially started to fuck off near the end. If you want to criticize, feel free but be aware that I'll probably agree with you as this was a half-assed attempt. Just thought I'd share it before my teacher reads it through.


The Frog Prince: His Lysergic Majesty
In a rural suburb of a well known city, there was an angsty young lad who was known to his friends as "Koda". Koda was a troubled young boy with minor anger issues, the kind of person who held is anger inside until it oozed out through a crack in his sanity, causing his foundation to completely crumble. He had lived with his father in a two story home in a wealthy section of town. After his parents had divorced, his mother had severed her contact with the both of them. Koda was deeply affected by the destruction of his family unit and spent years trying to numb the pain with cigarettes, alcohol, and periodic run-ins with the law. Today was no different. He had just received a text from his accomplice, Spike, who had given him the "OK" to come over to his house to try acid for the first time while his family were out of state visiting a college campus his sister would be attending.

Spike lived about a mile away from Koda, but the distance walking was shortened considerably if you had cut through a small park nestled between the two residences. Koda appreciated nature as much as he appreciated a fresh roll of cannabis, and often preferred to ingest his prized substance while surrounded by nature. As he made his way through a rough patch of foliage, he finally made his way on a path he had broken in from the numerous nights he had wandered contemplating his life. As he sauntered through the woods, the sun had just kissed the horizon. The sky slowly began fading from a soft baby blue and took on a vivid tangerine as cool air had set in, which was his signal to light his enchanted cigarette. He pulled out a hacky sack which served as a compartment for his cannibis. Not two steps later had he failed to notice a briar patch obstructing his path as he tumbled over and landed in a mixture of moss and mud. As he rose to his hands and knees, he noticed his hacky sack had rolled into a hollow at the bottom of an oak.

Koda stood up and hastily moved forward to retrieve his stash. As he stretched his arm forward to obtain the sack, he realized that his efforts were in vain as it was too far back in the crevice for his reach. A wave of despair washed over Koda, as he had spent a fair amount of money for his lost purchase. With a heavy sigh and a suicidal ideation, Koda bowed his head in frustration and felt a single tear roll down his cheek. As the Earth had absorbed his tear, he felt something nudge his hand. Peering inside of the hollow where his hand still lay was the hacky sack. Absolutely baffled and pondering if his mind had succumbed to the years of introducing foreign substances into his body, he noticed that behind the hacky sack sat an enormously plump frog with a partially swallowed worm squirming out of the corner of its mouth. Koda sat in disbelief. The frog stood still and winked at Koda as he had slurped the remainder of his meal into his gargantuan maw. Koda preceded to scoop the frog into his hands to further inspect the curious amphibian. As he peered into the eyes of his cold blooded specimen, Koda noticed something that brought an intense amount of dread and disgust to his stomach. In the lens of the eye, the frog had parasites swimming about, wriggling and feeding off of their host. Koda let out a scream and threw his arms up, sending the frog flying through the air and hitting the trunk of the tree with a soft "plop". Gasping for breathe while trying to rid his mind of the nightmarish sight, Koda realized what he had done. He immediately felt guilt for accidentally harming an already ill creature, and even more so for realizing that the frog had seemingly done him a favor. Koda approached the frog, who now lay still at the base of the tree with his long green legs spread-eagled. Koda grasped a small twig and lightly tapped the frog on the belly in an attempt to rouse him, but the frog continued to lay still with no sign of life. Holding himself responible for the frogs demise, Koda decided to return the frog back to which he came. His eyes grew bleary as he cupped the lifeless creature in his hands and gently set him down back into the hollow. As the guilt continued to gnaw at his insides, Koda took his hacky sack and tucked it back into his pocket, deciding to abstain from indulging out of respect for his victim. He turned his back on the tree and preceded to continue walking on his path when a deep, throaty voice echoed from behind him.
"You're welcome, asshole."

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Koda spun around to face what had called to him, but there was nobody there. Koda peered back into the hollow. The frog was gone.

Koda walked up the steps of the front porch to a beige ranch. Spikes house was the opposite of Koda's- it was in a lower income section and was practically falling apart. Koda banged on the door and waited...no one answered. He walked over to the front window and tried to make out the living room through the film of grime. The lights were out but the clutter was clearly visible. He impatiently reached into his jacket pocket to pull out his cell phone to find that it was vibrating. He flipped up the receiver and brought the phone to ear.
"Hey Koda," Spike said. "Are you at my house yet?"
"Yeah," replied Koda. "Where the hell are you?"
"I went and grabbed us some drinks for tonight. I'm cutting through the park now, I'll be there in five."
Spike hung up before Koda could answer. As he sat down on the steps, he thought about the frog. Did he really hear a voice call to him? Was the frog even real? Did he hit his head on a rock when he fell? No, ridiculous, he would have felt the pain. Koda thought about how he had experimented with many mind-altering substances, some of which could possibly have had lasting effects on him. Maybe I experienced what frequent users call "flashbacks"? He thought. Doesn't that only occur with LSD? And here I am about to try it for the first time! Maybe this isn't a good idea. As he stared off into space, his eye caught a figure approaching. Spike walked up the steps and stopped at Koda's side.
"This is for you good sir." Spike enthused as he handed Koda an ice cold bottle of water. "Wouldn't want you drying out on me."
"Thanks bro, but uh..." Koda began, "how much experience do you have with um...acid? It's not going to make me freak out or anything is it?" He bit down on his lip, waiting for one of Spikes insults.
"Dude, don't tell me you're tweaking out already when you haven't even popped the fucking tab!" Spike let out a small laugh followed by a sigh as he unlocked the front door and walked inside. "Just chill out, you're with me. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."
The two boys headed upstairs to Spikes room. Koda cleared himself a spot on what he thinks used to be Spikes bed, which was covered in empty beer cans and candy wrappers.
"I'm just going to drink a few beers and babysit you until you're done." Spike assured Koda. "What chill tunes do you want to spin? You're the star tonight so you get to choose!"
"I don't care, really." Koda mumbled. "You cool with Skinny Puppy?"
Spike stared at Koda in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious? Skinny Puppy? Skinny Puppy? Dude, you'll be freaking out within 10 minutes, wandering downstairs looking for a butcher knife to operate on your pancreas with. You want something a tad less dark?"
"Fine, Bjork."
"Ok, better. Bjork it is then. I'd rather you see unicorns and rainbows than mutilated trannies in gas masks."
Spike swept his arm across his computer desk and cleared an area. He popped open his laptop and clicked play. "Before you start though," Spike said as he turned around, "Take your shirt off or something because you're just covered in dirt. What'd you do, mud wrestle a wild boar?"
"No smartass, I just tripped over my dick in the woods," Koda spat as he removed his shirt. "Besides, your room is a shithole anyway, what difference does it make?"
"I can pick up a few empty beer cans, no problem. Bt I don't feel like scrubbing carpet after you rolling around on the floor."
Koda rolled his eyes. "Are you gonna give me something else to wear then or what?"
Spike pointed toward the back of the room. "I had a pile of clean clothes over there somewhere, but I think the cat pissed on 'em."
"Ok yeah, forget it then." Koda said. "Alright so, where's the stuff?" Spike tossed a small bag which landed directly in Koda's lap.
"Tear off just one of those to start," said Spike, "and we'll just play it by ear. You'll be wide awake once it starts to kick in and the walls might appear that they're breathing. If you start to freak out, just calm down an remember that you're on a drug, and whatever you see is not real. I'll be here the whole time, so you have nothing to worry about. Just have fun while I play some World of Warcraft."

Koda pinched a tab firmly between his thumb and index finger. As he carefully tore the tab off, he took a deep breath. He placed the tab as evenly as possible on his tongue and set the sheet down on the floor. After the first five minutes of waiting, he decided to lay down and close his eyes. In the darkness of his vision, he could still see the frogs parasites dancing in its eye. The mere thought of the sight made him sick, but then the guilt resurfaced after he remembered the lifeless body laying on the soil. Koda began to feel slightly drowsy and soon dozed off.

A buzzing sound went off. Koda sat up with a jolt and realized the buzzing was his phone. He open the phone to read what was apparently a text, except he couldn't make out the letters. Not because his vision was blurry or the screen was too dim, but because the letters weren't in the phone. When he had opened his phoned, they spilled out onto the floor. They were dancing, and soon evaporated. Koda began to panic. Oh God, oh God, this is it, it's happening. Spike! Where is Spike? Koda looked around the room. It had grown completely dark, and the laptop had shut itself down. He also noticed that he was perspiring, and proceeded to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead. After composing himself, Koda began to crawl on the floor to look for Spike when he felt something sticky on his back. He reached around and swatted aimlessly until he peeled off what had adhered to his skin. What is this, paper? Homework? Random shit that he leaves lying on the floor? Koda brought the paper closer to his face. His heart sank down into his stomach. The sheet, I was laying on the sheet of acid the whole time. Oh fuck! Oh my god! I'm going to die!

Koda stood up and tried to run but tripped over a limp body that lie on the floor. He brought himself to his knees and peered through the darkness to realize that Spike had downed enough beer to pass out. That irresponsible prick! Koda seethed to himself. Not knowing what to do, Koda returned to his spot on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The tile was sinking down and dripping onto the floor, causing ripples of glitter to echo in waves until they bounced off the walls. This caused him to relax somewhat, and thought it may not be such a bad experience afterall. He reached into his pocket to pull out his hacky sack, figuring that the weed may help calm him down. He had just enough sense to reach over to the desk and obtain a pipe that Spike had left sitting out. All he had to do was pack the bud into the bowl and apply the flame while inhaling. It seemed simple enough in his state of mind. He pulled the bag out from a slit in the hacky sack and fumbled trying to open the bag. He succeeded in retrieving only a pinch, but it would have to do. He slowly pushed the sticky chunk of dope into the bowl and grabbed his lighter. After trying to flick the lighter several times, with a sound resembling a thunder clap which each attempt, Koda was able to take one hit and fill his lungs with THC condensed smoke. He put the pipe down carefully as not to start a fire, and exhaled after hold his breath for as long as he could. That's when he heard a knocking at the door.

01-27-2014, 02:21 PM
Thump. Thump. Thump.

Koda slowly turned his head. I thought his parents were out of town for the weekend? It's only Saturday! This must be part of the trip, just ignore it.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The thumping began to echo, and soon the sound became visible. With every knock, a green, pixelated orb apparated before him. Soon, enough knocks had occurred for the orbs to form a creature that grew up to the ceiling. The creature had long green legs, and feet with a thin translucent webbing between the toes. The creature had round bulbous eyes and a large mouth with two dots for nostrils. The creature was a frog. "Oh hell no!" screamed Koda as he scrambled to hide under the bed. The frog had opened its mouth and sent it's sticky crimson tongue flying towards Koda and wrapped itself around his ankle. He tried frantically to grasp at any object around him, but the clutter of Spikes room obscured all that could serve as a solid grip. Koda whimpered as he was slowly pulled across the filthy carpet towards the monstrous amphibian. The frog extended his bony hand and wrapped it around Koda's waist. He let out a cry as the frog brought him up to his face.

"Shut up and stop crying you little bitch!" Growled the frog. "You are now in my control so you better learn some proper manners!" Koda trembled in the grasp of the giant frog, but thought back to what Spike had assured him. Remember Koda, you are on a drug. None of this is real.
"The hell this isn't real!" roared the frog, releasing his grip on Koda and dropping him to the floor. Koda realized that the frog could read his thoughts, and upon this he also realized that nothing he said or thought was safe.
"What the hell is going on?" cried Koda, "How are you doing this? This can't be real, it feels to real!"
"Well it is!" said the frog "And I have come to make you atone for your sins. You have let go of your grip on reality and spiraled into a life a drugs and self loathing when you aren't even old enough to vote. You have life by the balls and yet you pass the time smoking dope and hanging around incompetent retards like your pal Spike over there!" The frog motioned over to Spike, where he still lie snoring, oblivious to what was happening around him.
"What do I need to do?" asked Koda. "If you are real, then tell me what I need to do. I admit it, I could be doing better in school, I could stop shoplifting and stealing percocet from my Dad's medicine box. If there's something better than this than tell me, please!"
The frog curled his green lips into a satisfied grin.
"First, you need to apologize for throwing me against the tree. If I had known your hacky sack was filled with dope I would've left it to rot in the hollow," replied the frog. "All I wanted was a helping hand to bring me to the pond where I may have had a drink. But before you gave me a chance to speak, you threw me like a freaking baseball into the oak."
"Ok, I apologize!" cried Koda. "Just make this stop! I'll never take LSD again! I'll pay attention in class and stop being a whiny bitch, I promise!"
"Do you solemnly swear to never light another joint or bring an alcoholic beverage to your lips again?" the frog inquired.
"Yes, I swear. I will clean up my act and never turn down this path again." replied Koda.
The frog stroked his chin and stared at Koda for a long time. Koda was back against the wall, covering his face with his hands in a state of shame. The frog aproached him and gently pushed Koda's hands away from his face. The frog stared into Koda's eyes, searching for a sign of promise. The frog leaned in and whispered in Koda's ear.
"Guess what?" asked the frog.
"What?" Koda whimpered.
"Titty sprinkles."
And with that, Koda had blacked out.

Hey Koda, hey, wake up.

Koda felt a disturbance. Somebody was shaking him. Koda slowly opened his eyes and immediately was blinded by the afternoon sun shining through the dirty window. There was a shadow standing over him.
"Hey man, you ok?" It was Spike. "You've been out for while now."
Koda sat up in a fit of rage.
"Look who's talking you fucking prick!" Koda yelled. "Why the hell did you pass out on me? I was totally freaking out and couldn't do anything about it! I'll never do drugs with you again. In fact, I'll never do drugs at all! Period! I'm done!" Koda grabbed his shirt, with the mud now dried and crumbling to the floor. "Later!"
"Whoa man, nice attitude towards someone who scored you some free blotters." replied Spike. "Well, more for me. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Koda spit on the floor as he stormed out of the room.

A robin had perched itself upon a branch and started to sing. Besides the crunch of the leaves beneath his feet, it was all he could hear as he made his way back home through the park. Following the path he had come through the previous night, noticed up ahead a figure sitting on the end of a fallen tree. As Koda grew closer, he noticed it was a frog, sitting near the fork of the tree, with a partially swallowed worm struggling in the corner of his mouth. Koda wondered if it was the same frog. He peered closer and studied the frogs eyes, but there were no signs of the parasites that startled him yesterday. When the frog winked at him and swallowed the rest of the worm, he realized that it was indeed the same frog. Koda took a deep breath of relief as he felt his guilt disperse as he exhaled with a long breath. He recalled his acid trip and the effect it had on him. Not only did he realize that he never wanted to drop acid again, but that he let his life become dominated by his lack of control. Marijuana, alcohol, stealing pills and shoplifting cigarettes were his escape, his way of dodging responsibility before he had even taken on adulthood. He had never been so afraid as he was during his trip, that terrible feeling that the world was caving in and the hallucinations were beyond his control. He could not let his life become a nightmare, where he was helpless and at the mercy of his addictions. He had decided to make the change that day.
"Here man, all yours." said Koda as he wedged his hacky sack into the fork of the tree next to the frog. "My blazing days are over." He looked at the frog with a sense of gratitude, even though he knew what he had experienced was nothing more than a hallucination, released from the darkest corners of his consciousness. Koda finally took a step back to continue on his way, but felt compelled to utter one last word to the pond dweller.
"Thank you." said Koda. As he turned his back and headed towards his house a new man, he stopped suddenly as he heard a deep, throaty voice echo after him.
"You're welcome asshole."

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Also, some of his thoughts were to be written in italics, but it didn't keep them when I posted and I don't feel like editing, so just be smart and realize when the main character is using internal monologue.