View Full Version : The Raven's Shameful Shadow

03-11-2014, 09:09 PM
icicles drip slowly off the windowpane
and my mind has gone cross
only he'd know what that means
as he slips below the moss.
to claim the raven's shadow
I'll evoke my false memories
to erase the mysteries that spilled
tears across the sea.
let the giants beat their drums
me and the red robin sleeping in the mums
waiting out the wintry season
dressing the notes of our scars with poison
rebirthing secrets to be told again.
heart going dumb from the steel blades
of threats that often fail
itching wrists bleeding neverending tales
over clouds Ill sleep with the nightingales.
the harlot, the concubine of stars
prostituting herself to the moonlight
ugly dreams that fight
the illusionary rain storms of time.
in a singularity defined
hoping the broken mirrors
portray an infinite memory
of a perfect
imaginary life
even when black clouds of smoke
threaten to tear me away I shall hold on tightly
to the faith that bound me here
to the world that choked on history.