View Full Version : Do MY Dance

04-03-2014, 03:20 PM
Lets see if u can do this dance
Dances on the table like she's screaming
With mother in the other room
thinking she owns Exxon
I'm hott cuz I'm wild
I'm a freak and I'm not
Everything for your child to aspire to
So stop right there hot shot
Son, I've got the ray gun
Ray bans, they were stolen
By someone with no one
We all start to wonder why
The motherfuckin aliens ruin these highs
And yourmamaobama exploded
Someone please just turn it off
Help me out, just unplug me from
this stereo system and shout
I'm having a melt down
Yeah these batteries need replaced
The energizer bunny wants a monster
One whose not always so dick faced.
Get stupid. for. me
Get stupid. for. me
get. stupid. for. me.
Hey, it's ok I'm not on commercial
and we're better for me being free
Niki Minaj has got nothing on me
I blackmailed that bitch
With pictures I found of her twin
brother Mickey.