View Full Version : Dangerously Divine

04-06-2014, 08:59 PM
I am not always the same person and you are neither
I am not here to be the cure or some fucked up savior
Every page bleeding histories--every word a smear
And at the end of every summary was her
We walk on knives we're losing it all as our minds disappear.

Every stitch hurts, they're just tearing love from me
I held up the rain when thirteen was reversed
I created forgiveness when I was being cursed
And poured truth into the stars of this universe
But they've stained the sky with little ruby lies.

When I think of her I know she's out there
In a spaceship off the edge of the planet
Waiting to be reborn somewhere clean
Just beware of what you've been missing
In a world so lost to the beautiful & mean.

Revenge will be the downfall of this sinister war
Choose your weapons wisely, cowards
we're all fallen angels and the message is clear
my strength triumphs over your fear
I think you might need to look in the mirror
One last time before your crimes are obscured.

Take a hard good look at what's been broken
Because what you thought was stolen
Every truth you tried to convert to your side
I have conquered in each sigma of your design
I created this enigma you see
I have trapped you because you are unworthy
From the dangerous to the divine.