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Halo Infinity
06-23-2014, 04:04 PM
Full House was the very first sitcom that I've really gotten into as a child. There's a lot of nostalgia I get from watching this show, and it's one of the main reasons as to why I sometimes still watch it. I've also watched Full House to the point I've gotten tired of it, but once I watched a few episodes on Nickelodeon again, it reminded me why I loved it as a child and a teenager.

I'm also aware that there are also a lot of fans that have a love/hate relationship with Full House, or fans that have thought that the show jumped the shark once Michelle was old enough to play bigger roles, or when Becky became a regular character, or when Uncle Jesse and Becky had Nicky and Alex. I also thought that it was rather cool to see the cast being friends in real life as if they were a real family too. And then, there's also a lot of people that said that the show was horrible since day 1.

Uncle Jesse was always my favorite character, and as for the daughters, it was often a toss up between DJ and Stephanie.


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Shock Hazard
06-23-2014, 04:42 PM
I've watched this entire series so many times, I don't care to ever watch it again even for nostalgia. Same with Family Matters. They're just really corny and the Olsen Twins are annoying.

06-27-2014, 05:37 AM
Man, that brings back some memories. I liked those shows, partly because they were corny and just fun. I might roll my eyes if I saw them now . . . hadn't thought of them in a long time. Actually lived next door to some twins that I couldn't tell apart so maybe that's one reason I liked it, heh.

I just remembered a scene where Jesse and Joey (? - the other dude anyway) were holding someone else's baby, and their boss came by and thought they were a gay couple. And he said, "Ah, well, your personal lives are none of *my* business . . ." And then walked away and looked all grossed out. And of course that went over all the kids' heads and the older kids/grownups were laughing it up. You know what, those shows can't be any dumber than some of the prime time shows that came after 'em. Not sure how it fits in with a Marilyn Manson forum, but what the hell . . . thanks for the moment of nostalgia . . . maybe I'll see if they're on Hulu or something. Didn't those Olsen twins grow up and get on drugs . . . like most child stars . . . ? Seem to remember seeing that on some tabloids some time or the other. Bleh on that.

06-27-2014, 11:30 AM
lol Family Matters. I used to watch that shit. Steve Urkel is one funny nerd. Heck I even watched Boy Meets World. Both shows got funny comedy elements to it. (not THAT funny, but there was entertainment.)

Angel of Sorrow
06-27-2014, 10:42 PM
I was never really into Full House, but we used to love Family Matters. :)