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07-02-2014, 11:35 PM
The first teaser trailer for the film is only around a minute thirty but it looks to be shot in a small lake resort village surrounded but trees and cabins. Looks like something out of the 80s with lots of atmospheric fog. The camera follows down a dirt road past cabins and threw a path that leads through trees and at the end of the small path is a lake. Slowly out of the lake a masked man who looks a lot like Jason Voorhees ascends from the water with his blade... then a voice that sounds like your typical 80s voice over says "At this lake even Jason goes to Hell!". Then from behind "Jason" something rises behind him much bigger then him and drags him back under the water.

It looks to be something similar to the Evil Dead movies but has the 80s slasher vibe or something to it. Here is a little bit about the movie ive found.

This movie is based in and around a small lake resort village called Jack Fish Lake. People are starting to disappear and people start to fear a lake monster is responsible for the missing people. Local native people say the monster is a demon believed to be one of 7 Native American women who settlers in the past tried to kill when they first colonized the area in 1600s. They were convicted of witch craft then hung. Hanging did not work so they tried to drown the women. After that was unsuccessful the women were put into metal crates and dispersed around the lake to be forgotten.

It guess its going to be a lake monster - native american witch horror flick?

what do you guys think?

07-03-2014, 04:16 PM
anyone else see the trailer?