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07-03-2014, 06:03 PM
I canít deny the past. I canít forget the times I saw beyond a prison barís glance of the future. Or betweens. Or appearances and vanishings. Not the kind where you are disappeared, more like a phantasmic whispering, where some defiant sickness finds her way into your mind, spilling its secrets like blood red wine. An adventure forgotten. Reincarnationís histories, a golden key to the door beyond the doors. Every door leads to another. When the sheet of white winterís amnesia is spread over my eyes, like a veil of starlight it shimmers with my tears and my sighs, my questions of just becauseís and whyís.

We say eternity is madness, we say survival of the fittest. Earth is a field of wild flowers in bloom. I realize to see the light you must catch flares when in despair, of hope of promises, no more doubting those mistakes. Drops of Crystalline powder fall from the sky, a wintry story of something I cannot decry or defy. But she is a distant star, ever watching eternity spin and she wrote of her blackness like the outer spaces, and she kneaded more than this God loving world had given. A slave ship full of abused memories. Her words spiraled out-- my dark sisterís refusal. Against the tyranny at the sharkís disposal. But as we know, the waters thin up top but down below, a greater beast brews. It brews truth and our ministry's arrival.

Unraveling below the fountains, painful in our multiplied dimensions.

Forever flowing down the river in this cruel hypoxia.

Eyes open in the bright blistered sunlight
a womanís purpose, hidden under fabric thick in winter
flakes fall madly, the snowy whispers of God and Godís mystery
I found a book and opened her pages, within it a secret
This crazy divined poetry about the history of war and slavery
Or had this strange book found its way to me, opened my eyes
Eyes searching between the pages, searching yearning
For answers to the questions that kept haunting me for ages
Wondering about that ship lost at sea, see the ship sailing
Signed, but yet no recollection of this book did I find.

Pieces of Peace. Historyís release
nothing is lost
no one is deceased.

08-08-2014, 12:01 AM
I like it, gives me that vivid and enigmatic (in agood way) feel to me when I read it.