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Mad Jackal
07-31-2014, 04:14 AM
---------- Prologue: Faceless Suits ----------

"I awoke from my dream to a world I did not recognize
Well groomed with shoes shined; the faceless suits walked at an unnatural pace
I watched as they handed their children over to strangers before clocking into their workplace
To sell their souls for profit"

---------- Act I: Civilized Savages ----------

The wheels on my chair refuse to turn
Too rusted to move, I sit drenched in the rain

Those who walk by pay me no mind
For I am a lost cause in their eyes

The con men and rose-dolls
They all look the same to me
Not one goes by without a sickening grin painted across their face
Who paid them to put it on?
I haven't a clue

Old and rotting
I know I'm nothing special
The ability to function properly around others
I lost along with the rest of my body

I look at those around me and see that they are no better
They stand firmly by their flawed system and inhumane beliefs
I am forced to sit idly by as they tear themselves down
I can do nothing but watch and wish for a better tomorrow

---------- Act II: The Gun is the Suspect ----------

Six rounds left
A perfect day in a perfect neighborhood
Without a worry or care
A pretty girl with a pretty smile
Shot dead in the front lawn
Swing set and toys strewn in the yard now painted red
With a child's blood soaking into the ground

Five rounds left
An unkempt barn in an unkempt field
A curious youth eying it from afar
An unfortunate end to an unfortunate event
A guilty farmhand with a gun
Standing over the life he took
Riddled with holes

Four rounds left
A slow studio on a slow news day
Violence being broadcast on all twelve stations
A merry bang followed by a merry cheer
The now deceased anchor slouches in his chair
As ratings begin to skyrocket

Three rounds left
Two boys from two different worlds
Under attack where they should feel safe
Confused teenagers lead to a confused nation
The world points fingers and not one person takes action

Two rounds left
A tipsy starlet in a tipsy city
Spinning bottles like the room
An adoring fan wielding an adoring little pistol
Her final night out and no tears were shed

One round left
They adjust their iron sights to the horizon
To broaden their view of the world that loves them
Wishing only to raise their body count
With any luck, the last bullet to leave the chamber
Will end up in them

---------- Act III: A House Built Upon Broken Promises ----------

A part of me
Wants to see you fall

A part of me
Wants to see you fall

Paint me pure
Paint me proud

Paint me down
Paint me dirty

Full of holes
Full of holes
I can tell, I can tell
You're full of holes

I won't help
I won't help
I refuse to help
Someone like you

Paint me pure
Paint me proud

Paint me down
Paint me dirty

I've warned you
I've warned you
A million times over
I've warned you

You tried to bury it
You tried to hide it
But by doing so
You only made it grow

A part of me
Wants to see you fall

Paint me pure
Paint me proud

Paint me down
Paint me dirty

---------- Act IV: Lost in Transition ----------

The bell tolls near carrying no weight or reason
Too many times I've heard it clear
Each day of December
A month I do not care to remember
The days of December
I do not care to remember

Locked in my room with no way in or out
I listened as my parents tore each other apart
Glass shattering against wood
Knuckles buckling against bruised ribs
A son deserved better than what they had to offer
I deserved better than this

The yelling stopped
Ended only by the loud slam of the front door
I stood on weak legs
I looked out the window
Searching for the light

Outside my window, I could see her
Plain as day, white as snow
A manufactured woman waving with glee
Beauty in all available forms
Rose-Doll Grey; the woman who was made for me

Under a snow covered roof and sun so bright
I listened to what she had to tell me
She taught me what was wrong, what was right
I followed along with what she had to say
I took it all in
I tried to make it work
I changed myself in more than one way

As the snow continued to fall
I found myself increasingly infatuated with her

As the sun grew brighter
I found myself routinely doubting her existence

The ice began to melt
And so did my faith in her
I no longer believed that which she presented as fact
I doubted every word out of her mouth

Mass produced and so very common
She was not the woman I thought her to be

. . . . . . . . . . .

I've changed for you too many times
All the times I've changed
I've lost another part of me

Too many times I've changed
No longer am I going to change
I'm saving what's left of me

---------- Act V: Broken Heels ----------

Stuck in a constant game of limbo
With a smile like silver
And a fist full of stars

Children of society
Holding the world up
Gold plated ventilators
Keeping them above ground

Blinded by the cameras
Walking back to the car
A porcelain timebomb
Waiting to blow

A shooting star
Turned bitter
A falling star
Hitting everything
On it's way back down

The show doesn't end
When the curtains close
Forever they remain
In living color

---------- Act VI: Party of One ----------

The cold has begun to take it's toll
Stacking, counting it's casualties
Those I once knew now lay frozen before me
Unable to hold the earth in their tainted hands

Should I have saved them?
A question I often ask myself
Too often I ask myself
Questions with answers I once knew
But no longer care to remember

Pushing through the debris
I ignore the pleas for help
They turned their backs on me
And I shall do the same to them

They may have fallen
But I remain, built up by their fall from grace
I have become closer to the stars than they could ever hope to be

Those who spurned me in the past
Now serve me in the present

The sky leaves behind bone-chilling death in it's wake
Dropping it down on those unfortunate enough to still be breathing

A rain of nails
A hail of bullets
Each one digging deeper into your chest
Don't speak
For now you have a reason to remain silent

Regretfully so
The savages have all but ruined this world

Left to my own devices
I've chosen to leave this life
In search of a new one

. . . . . . . . . . .

Let spoil the feast
Eat the dead

I'm the only one invited
Invited to my party of one


This was written over the period of around six months or so. Drastic changes in my writing can be seen from act to act. It centers around a story I've had floating around in my head for almost a year now. What you've just read barely scratches the surface of it. There's far too much to explain, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. The story doesn't take place from my POV, but from that of a character. I find it difficult to express myself through poetry directly so I use this method.

Over the course of writing The Motionless Legs of a Broken Society, I've found that I'm most creative late at night. This has lead to me sleeping most of the day in order to make up for it. I don't mind. It's a lot more quiet at night anyway. I got inspiration from a wide variety of sources, but Marilyn Manson has proven to be the most influential. At any rate, I hope you like it.

08-07-2014, 11:57 PM
I dig it.

If I am guessing right, basically guns/war destroyed society?

It's late and I can't really think right now, care to explain some? haha