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Thanks for posting but your date is misleading. This show is from 2008. Here's the setlist info: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/marilyn-manson/2007/xcel-energy-center-st-paul-mn-1bd635c4.html

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I filmed this show myself. The date I posted is 100% correct.

Which is reflected in the setlist you linked to that ALSO indicates it happened in 2007, lol.

Manson DID play the area again in 2008 but it was at a different venue with a different setlist and a different lineup.

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Thanks Haz! Always love your Rape footage!

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Thanks for sharing! That Reflecting God performance is great!

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A little backstory for those who don't know...

This is actually what I consider some of my first decent Manson footage. I'd never used a camcorder at all before the Rape of the World Tour but I was already an enthusiastic audio bootlegger and I knew I could do better filming than a lot of other people seemed to be doing if I gave it a shot, so literally the very last day before leaving to follow the tour I went ahead and bought my first camcorder.

But the first week or so of the tour I was too busy concentrating on rocking the fuck out in the pit. I figured I'd have plenty of time to film later on in the tour and wanted to enjoy the pits while I could while also giving the band a chance to get their shit together before committing the show to film for posterity.

So I filmed Worcester and Camden later on since I was in seats anyway, but they weren't very good seats and I was a n00b so it wasn't very good footage.

But apparently the third time's the charm!

I was on the floor for this show and being able to move around and find a good spot made all the difference. It was kind of frustrating at the time but I really like the way the footage gives the impression of BEING THERE and working through the crowd for a better view. I mean, that's exactly what I was doing after all, lol.

Cinéma vérité ftw, w00t.

Anyway, I re-ripped it straight from my master the other day and re-uploaded it at higher-quality before running it through YT's stabilization enhancement and I think it's a better viewing experience now.

Hope everyone digs it!

I'm proud, at least.


Thanks Haz! Always love your Rape footage!



C'mon, man...be cool.

No one's supposed to know about that shit.


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I filmed this show myself. The date I posted is 100% correct.
It is now, but originally you had it as 08.14.14... A seven year glitch, if you will.

Nonetheless, 2007 was indeed the year, and thank you as ever for top-notch footage.

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Yeah, LOVEANDZOMBIES messaged me about it on YT too and I didn't see it till after I'd posted here or I would've better understood what they meant. I'd accidentally labeled two of the videos with the current year instead of the actual year of the performance (probably 'cause I'd checked my cellphone for the date of the anniversary and drunkenly forgot to subtract 7 years, lol)...but I caught that just a couple minutes after mislabeling them and didn't realize the updated info still hadn't processed by the time they left their comment here, that's all.

It takes anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 weeks for edited info and selected thumbnails and stuff like that to process on YT sometimes.

It drives me crazy, lol.

I got the date right in the thread title and OP though, right? Apologies and thanks if anyone corrected that while I wasn't looking!

Anyway, "seven year glitch," hahaha. LOVE IT.


And THANKS for the kind words!

I've been going through some older stuff so there's plenty more on the way.

In the meantime, though...here's Manson's personal stagefloor setlist I got as a gift at the show!

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/r270/10576966_10152294571926918_1169781554052466865_n.j pg

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Thanks Haz! Always love your Rape footage!


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I filmed this show myself. The date I posted is 100% correct.

Which is reflected in the setlist you linked to that ALSO indicates it happened in 2007, lol.

Manson DID play the area again in 2008 but it was at a different venue with a different setlist and a different lineup.

I can confirm this. The 2008 show was at the Myth and was actually my first Manson show. This one should have been my first, but my broke ass couldn't afford a god damn ticket. Needless to say, I'll never miss another tour within 300 miles. Probably more. I fucking still haven't seen the Reflecting God live. Fuck my face.

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I also meant to point out earlier that towards the end of the show I'd belatedly realized that I'd foolishly forgotten to switch the Record Mode from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

Which is why I was forced to cut out the "Track No. 99" intro for "The Reflecting God." Record Modes can't be switched without stopping the recording, and I did it as FAST as humanly possible, I fucking swear.


That's also why the recording leaps straight from the end of "The Reflecting God" to the beginning of "Antichrist Superstar" and then immediately to "The Beautiful People."

By the time I'd switched modes I thought FOR SURE I was going to run out of tape before the end of the show, so I had to cut out as much dead space as possible to only just BARELY make it.


Watch the crowd footage at the end to literally see my tape run out with barely ANY time to spare.

I'm not proud of my n00b-ass mistake, but I AM proud that I rolled with the punches and captured the meat of the show, at least.


You do what you can.

At least I got the "Disassociative" intro for "Heart-Shaped Glasses...," right?


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Could've SWORN we could still delete our own posts recently.

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