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08-20-2014, 04:22 AM
Poems are meaningless
as words fixed to the wavering breath
of this universal desperation
fuck us.

I'm going to fuck you
I'm going to fuck you la la la la
I'm going to fuck you

Let's have sex.

If I say please then will u get me
a drink?

We can screw in this bed
Or u can go down on me
next to the sink

Or we can get freaky
Let's have a KiKi
I'm a monster I will unravel

I'm seducing the seducers
They'll hold my hand
I am broken windows
and they don't understand

I'm a shot gun to your heart
So stay the hell away from me
I'll rip your clothes away
Rip your love apart

But that was a lie.

You can run your fingers down my cheek
You can hurt me with kisses that bite
You can rape me with your promises
At least you have someone to kiss goodnight.

So watch
Don't look away
I don't care
whatever they say

And you can die like me
I'm dying of social deviancy
and I wish you would just

Make love with me.