View Full Version : The Unmarred Creativity of Youth

09-04-2014, 12:24 PM
It's been ever so fascinating to go through 10+ years worth of all my old cartoons and artwork... to see that old flare, a limitless tenacity with no place for self-doubt, all the sick murderous slapstick inside the head of an alienated 13-year-old who lived and breathed independant webcomics and looked up to the authors as heroes, even more so than their supernatural characters. Every week would be a new world with a new host of bug-eyed monsters and a slack-jawed populace. I could never focus on one idea for too long, nor could I give a shit about anyone decrying my lack of participation in any aspect of the world outside of my page - I lived, LIVED for getting better and better at cartooning and the fucking incredible art of comics, evermore unfetered and NEVER unsure of my destiny. Nothing else entered my thoughts. I knew nothing but excitement, for colourful worlds spilled out from me beyond my control, and I thought it would never stop.

What happened?

I blew out the furious candle in disgust one night as some voice entered my head telling me it wasn't good enough. Maybe with all that boundless outpouring, those stacks and stacks of pages, an extended lull was inevitable. But here we are...

...and I say fuck that.

Thanks, past me. You're very inspiring.

No more crying on the fire.

Let's light another match.