View Full Version : Love is Madness, The Truth Is a Lie

11-16-2014, 01:59 AM

I wept as the world fell
into the eyes of its own machination
just as those ink smeared pages
stained black my memories
I'll always feel forsaken
Even when I'm falling endlessly
without time or location.

Reasons spoil and words fall short
he smiles as the knife is praised
you lean in for a soft sweet kiss
clothed in your predictable bliss
as the blood soaks your dress
we tremble in the darkness.

The world becomes it's own ending
a black hole at the bottom of everything
nails, spirals, notations of truth
I wept as he was overcome
by the taste of her perpetual youth.

We scratched at the stones, we threw in our pieces
before the bodies were raised
lips whispers into our ears
secrets that slept in the hollow seas
below a withering halo
bathed in a future's afterglow
promises of a hereafter

I was thrust into the eclipse
behind a curtain of white
mind radiating fear and silent sciences
stretched upon the glassy light
he clips the wings of butterflies.

We're caressed in crescent moonlight
although nightly nightmares warn
of the hellish flames that burn
and the consquence of being too proud
or believing this lie about the ground
and how if you fall you will make a sound.

Slept under the crystal moon
canopies of dreams beside
the pines under the shattered stars
sleeping beneath world's scars
and it blanketed the church in white.

I tried to slit my throat
the knife's edge was too dull
I tried to find answers
but the truth is a cancer
I have been lied to by the authorities
Love is madness, and I want more.

12-02-2014, 08:49 AM
Winter's Fall
December 2, 2014

My lips press to the cold frosty snow
kissing away the bitter tears
blowing cold showers across the horizon
I'm in love with Winter, her soul a splinter
torn apart by those omens of a better tomorrow
I clutch my chest, hope for the best
no shelter here for the shattered, but I don't mind
I'll sleep wrapped in the warmth of promises
My hope filling my veins like dope
And I never complain anymore.
Stubborn at the core, whispering for the lights
Disappearing under the watchful man
Sitting in his snowglobe above the world
In a perfect paradise, one where I was a part
I'd shelter the world in warm kisses from my heart
But the world is too shattered
We press our bitter kisses upon one another
Cold, painful, as we were taught to slight our brothers.

Peering through these fixtures
Our bodies stained and made of glass
Breaking through each others bodies
Dreaming of controlling the future while we're
dragged down by a past haunted by secrecy
We don't even know who we were meant to be
Maybe we were here to set him free
Our master calls us home, but we're to lost to see.