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12-17-2014, 10:59 PM
Now is like an over-renaissance, I think. Everywhere from deviantArt to Instagram to street signs, we can find an audience and a place in the history of art, because it's there and they see it and they think about it, and maybe it causes something for them, and of course it reflects our culture, and pop culture, etc. Art, whether speaking of the visual form, music, literature, and so on is as eclectic as ever. With the internet, in particular, anyone who experiences a whimsical occurrence of creative inspiration may present their work, and may easily receive an audience, quickly, no matter how elaborate or minimal that work may be.

In our condition, we are well stimulated by organized education and multimedia, the excessive consumerism thereof, and the relative pressures of life as intelligent creatures, making the potentiality for creation of art more easily executed and exposed. Our individual subculture can be made accessible by many, if not through more manual means, then definitely through the internet. We can consider any form of creativity, as it is accessible to us, whether classically academic, extremely unconventional, or anything in between. This is the state of creative art.

The zeitgeist itself is an eclectic excess of art, whether beautiful or grotesque, elaborate or minimal, complex or absurd, smart or stupid, intelligible or incomprehensible, accessible and well exposed by means of the internet, more so than any other form of presentation. And of course, the instant gratification aspect of how we take it all in is part of that zeitgeist as well. There is no pinnacle in art to be found in this way.

So, where is art going?

blue angel
12-18-2014, 10:59 AM
I think that art needs a new face. There is so much out there for us to dig through and it gets hard to shift through the layers of it and to keep up with it all and to find something great. I feel like it's all buried under too much is enough. I think that maybe it would be easier to confront from a big city, some place where art is constantly moving and pieces are shifted into the store front so that we can engage it. I am not getting anything confrontational out of it myself, at the moment. I just know that later, hopefully, something great can be stated of the art of this time. Maybe that is it, this is a time of seconds counting and no stand still.

12-26-2014, 08:23 AM
When it comes to avilability of art, it is at the same time easier and harder for an artist to promote himself these days. On one hand, it's easier to show one's works on the internet and there is a chance that viewers from all over the world are going to visit a website or one's profile. On the other hand however, the amount of artists and "artists" that want to show their paintings, sculptures etc. on the internet is so huge, that if someone gets discovered that way, it's pure luck. So, it may seem that it used to be easier before, when an artist was limited only to the nearest area (a city or country) than nowadays, when all world is one's potential market. It's really hard to judge though, and the easiest conclusion would be: it's as hard as it has always been, just for different reasons.
When it comes to the art itself - it seems that there is no direction art is going nowadays. You can find great figurative artists that combine classic influences with new point of view (like Cecily Brown or my favourite Filip D. Jensen), but at the same time you can find abstract art of every sort (e.g. Richter), different experimental forms, video art, digital art etc. So, there are no real borders in art nowadays, which makes the whole "market" a bit chaotic, but at the same time very exciting, because everyone can find something interesting out there. If only more people would actually look for any form of art that suits their taste...

01-15-2015, 03:26 PM
Just because you can draw something or make a computer graphic doesn't make what you've created art. Art is vision, obsession, howling mad and scary as hell. If you aren't being challenged it isn't art. On the other hand people post a lot of creative images. I've no problem with appreciating them. I just don't think they're going to change the way we look at things the way art does.