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01-02-2015, 02:44 AM

Mad At Last

I visited the place where I had been free
and in that curios epiphany I died
I saw trees and flowers painted so candidly
Where nature had lost its mind
And it was a peaceful melancholy spring
I had no offering and so they clipped my wings
Letting go of all those sorrows and cares
Love was just as beautiful in sanity's snares.
I had never really smiled right on a given day
and that had always made him angry, anyways
It made me happy when I laughed along
As if all the shapes had been placed in wrong.
When suicide had sung its song.
And my dreams were all out of focus
they spread their wings, those locusts
once --the moon lost focus
Death my only subterfuge
Where nature was fairing all too well
And I a prisoner of cruel madness' spell
Chained to the gate of God's hellish bell.


Those fragrant blossoms bring
a tear streaked belladonna
who wished upon starry moonbeams
in the paradise of cinema
Her brightness so illuminating
she was seen from every cloud
In the paradise that Allah
bestowed upon the crowd
I pray someday you'll descend
down your staircase made of light
From your theater in the sky
To the sun's abandoned knight
Where a flower longs to keep singing
The belladonna looks down on him smiling
With thorns twisted to a promise ring
Flutter, like a bird on dewy wings
As their rose is tossed away
To the moonlit carnival under the sky
Where Paradise was almost lost
To a faithless cannibal of lies
A wandering traveler lost his mind
To hear this carnival rejoice eternally
For the belladonna, whose joy
Tempted Allah with her saturnine beauty
I will always remember your grace
the song in your lips, the kiss and its taste
The Tree where nature's beasts once
Flew away into the dust in sights unseen
For every prince has dreamed the day
you'd come down from the vine
Enchant the world with divinity
And nature at last, her heart would be.

Faces of Snow

He sees only her ephemeral beauty
adoring her sweet smile, and still
love trumps a powdered world--
where a mind is darker than a pill
ugly girls weep under faces of snow
like stars wrapped in artificial light
narrated by an eternal hazy shadow
laughing to keep out winter's fright.
I wish it were easier-- I have to confess
to be as sugary and white as frosting on a cake.
to be unblemished by this absurd madness
For from this sleep, I'd never have to wake.
And if I had this wonderful dream,
I'd sell my soul for all the powder and cream,
Yet that is no life for the soulful dreamer,
you'll find yourself alone down there.
Deep down I am crying, and falling apart
Deep down a broken mind, a winter's heart
Yet the colors of life surely could free
In this insane world, an ugly girl like me.

Madness At Last!

The leaves have dried on the trees
of my weathered mind
What once was beauty
Now is what beauty left behind
I watch the moon drift overhead
The mountain tops
Poking into the sky
I dream of a day I can awake
And know truth from falsity
Is there a way to embrace
the clouds so fluffy in their charm
With magic dying softly
In your arms, we dress
We wander often in regress
do not worry, dear
For I am the mockingbird
At last, I am mad
A great cry, it was had
For I have lost all that could be
My heart at last can flee
These aching dreams can rest
These wings now bested
What was that? A memory
Now what's left of me
A prism for the world to see

06-11-2015, 02:28 PM
He left the door unlocked
to the otherside of the Universe
the star made a silent wish
That life lived no longer cursed

She breathed starlight into obsidian halls
Disengaging violences and extremes
Mysteries fallen under echoes of madness
of mysterious carnival dreams

My voice silent, the sound of angels
in their glorious choir, resounding
keep this castle from fallling
as the ocean washes ashore

we embrace in this silent starry night
seeing into the earrth's core
forever, loved and wishing for more
and rage against the dying llights

I stood in front of the crowd, my fists held high in rage
blame and hatred seeping at the seams after every page
holy books and holy wars, but nothing is whole anymore
ignorance bit back, bigots plotted more attacks
things we thought we had that are no longer there
backstabbers, money-grabbers, but who cares?

what does freedom mean, when up against the wall
what does freedom mean, with no phone call?
when no one wants to speak what's on their mind
when we're looking up the wrong numbers
committing esponiage, blindsiding suicides
Black on black, white on white, sick of it all
brainwashed guys with AK's shooting people at the mall

We're burning our books, we're burning our names
we're the ones who are dying in flames
for the fact that we're all failing in this game, as slaves
to China and extremely low frequency waves.
Students hate their teachers who cater to all we hated
because let's face it, their better off thinking we're their bitches
teachers giving up on knowledge for endless sacrifices
we smile as a sea of papers swirls in the fire and rises

we smile as the world is rolled up and smoked
while our future is raped, beaten, choked

Lighting up the sky with our endless scores of fame
as the empire crawls on its knees, appealing to whores
I looked up to see the answers in a radiant revelation I watched as the broken picked open their sores. staring wide eyed in our damn-nation
with one million paths that all
started with this one.

06-11-2015, 02:31 PM
Thanks for Nothing

I wept as the world fell
into the eyes of its own machination
just as those ink smeared pages
stained black my memories
I'll always feel forsaken
Even when I'm falling endlessly
without time or location.

Reasons spoil and words fall short
he smiles as the knife is praised
you lean in for a soft sweet kiss
clothed in your predictable bliss
as the blood soaks your dress
we tremble in the darkness.

The world becomes it's own ending
a black hole at the bottom of everything
nails, spirals, notations of truth
I wept as he was overcome
by the taste of her perpetual youth.

We scratched at the stones, we threw in our pieces
before the bodies were raised
lips whispers into our ears
secrets that slept in the hollow seas
below a withering halo
bathed in a future's afterglow
promises of a hereafter

I was thrust into the eclipse
behind a curtain of white
mind radiating fear and silent sciences
stretched upon the glassy light
he clips the wings of butterflies.

We're caressed in crescent moonlight
although nightly nightmares warn
of the hellish flames that burn
and the consquence of being too proud
or believing this lie about the ground
and how if you fall you will make a sound.

Slept under the crystal moon
canopies of dreams beside
the pines under the shattered stars
sleeping beneath world's scars
and it blanketed the church in white.

I tried to slit my throat
the knife's edge was too dull
I tried to find answers
but the truth is a cancer
I have been lied to by the authorities
Love is madness, and I want more.