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01-02-2015, 03:01 AM
Brooklyn October 31st 2014

My friends are staying in Upper Manhattan, but Im staying here in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York. I got lost here yesterday trying to find a place that sells cigarettes. Well, I found L-Mos but I forgot how to get back to the hostel. Im staying at The Loft. Its very comfortable and they provide everyone a complimentary breakfast. One of my roommates is a sports journalist. I just met my other roommate and I dont recall her name. Im staying here tonight, then heading back on the bus to DC tomorrow evening. Tonight will be my third night in New York City.

My friend really wanted me to come with him for the Village Halloween Parade. I dressed up as the love bug and he was the Mad Hatter. A lot of people just came as themselves. He and I marched in the parade past midnight. We wove through the crowd and managed to get through three different sections of the parade. By the time we got a taxi, we realized how far we had walked. It was at least a 15 minute taxi ride back to The Bowery House. The Bowery House was nice because it has a rooftop patio. I was disappointed that we didn't get to see Whoopie Goldberg who was the M.C. for the Halloween parade. Later on that night I heard loud screaming and yelling. Someone commented about it as I walked through there the next day. I also heard a lot of police sirens.

It was very cold on Halloween, but even colder on November 1st. It rained all day. I recall how I trudged through the city with my luggage, trailing a block behind my friend who said a man was following me. Every two blocks or so my friend would stop, get pissed off and tell me I needed to hurry up. As I clonked through the rain in my heavy blue boots, I felt the wind pushing me forward and the biting rain against my cheeks. Back home in West Virginia, I recall holding the covers tightly thinking to myself repeatedly Im not going to New York but then a voice answered, and said, Why not? What are you so afraid of?

I knew that I was meant to go there and at least experience it for the first time. Last night I met up with the two other friends who just arrived, and we went to The Bazaar and drank Absinthe. By then I had already had three margaritas from the downstairs bar at The Loft, so I was a bit tipsy. My friends got me an Uber car back to my hostel. I felt special as I rode back in that black escalade. Of course, theyre staying at an apartment in Manhattan and Im here alone in Brooklyn. It kinda sucks because all my money is gone until tomorrow. Right now I have one dollar to my name. Overall I've enjoyed my stay here, it has given me perspective. Brooklyn to me has been a breath of fresh air.

Later my friend told me there was black man following me down several city blocks, and that he was serious that I needed to hurry.