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03-23-2015, 06:43 PM
I hate the thought of you; the thought of your touch, your endearment, your earnest eyes.
Your smile, your disconnection, your obsession. Your movements, your stillness, your eagerness.
Your scent, your pressure, your rough edges. Your delusions, your unbalance, your compulsions.

Your eyes are malevolent hidden in a sea of blue.
Your soul is v a c a n t.
Your love is convoluted.
You are everything I donít want, everything I donít need, everything I need
to stay far away from me.
This restraining order may just be a slip of paper, but how far are you willing to push the envelope?

I have a hatred burned into the core of me. I will Never forget. I will Never forgive.

You disgust me.
Knotted inside, but no longer tethered to you.
The stench of your wake grows sharper every day.
Youíre there, but youíre pointless to our lives other than a reminder of how to not live.

excuse me as I continue to grow
as a person
in heart and in mind,
free of your barricades, your rules, your expectations, your chains.
Excuse me
while I raise


to be Everything that is wonderful and bright in this world.
Do you have the capacity to understand the positive significance of your absence?

I know youíre there. I know youíre watching. Just note:
You are Dead to me.

Continue to shoot yourself to love me, and enjoy that white, white sun.

Never yours,
Devan Marie

blue angel
03-24-2015, 01:16 AM