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Two Faced Egg (23)
04-16-2015, 02:49 PM
Recently in interviews Mr.Manson has Spoken Views on Cyber Bullying ( Source- Hour one of Bret Easton Ellis Podcast) My Paraphrase - " Cyber Bullying is the Most Ridiculous Thing I have ever Fucking Heard 0f" & " When I was Youngster , Older People would whoop on My Ass" .. okay ..Confession , at first I laughed & Mindlessly agreed with Him ..why ? He is an Artist .. unless You want to be Very ambiguous about Your preference , confusing Myself often over the Years with a message That Threatens to Pick up a Sharp Knife & commit Crime & abandon this Art Project .. He always has Played with this , Very well .. Use Your Fist and not Your Mouth ( I see That Quoted on PM a lot !) Then again He has explicitly expressed ' Art as a Weapon' , Do You Choose a Sharp Sword or a well used Quill to deal with Living in Our Culture ? And If You agree Getting Wedgies & Bruised eyes is more powerful than what Someone's Words Can do , Why? Is it because they are Amateurs ? Maybe there are Professionals out there at it too , And they could be "Sponsored" . Hasn't the Power of Propaganda & Mind Control been a Constant throughout Mr.Manson's Work ? Invisible War's Of Psychological Warfare. . The Reference's too "Bullets in the (vocal) Booth " & Art-illery Lead are My Clues , I will not use an "Ism" , But this is My Story Of what The Pale Emperor Means. Cheers' TFE

04-17-2015, 12:15 PM
To answer your questions, I would say that I would use sword or quill in different situations. I grew up and still live in mid-western America. I was born and raised in Ohio and now I go to college in Wisconsin. I'm a hockey player. In hockey, we use both our fists and our mouths. But I think hockey has given me many opportunities to find examples of people using different ways of dealing with living in our culture. I played men's hockey most of my life and now I play women's. Men, from my experience, are typically more physical. They hit each other when they get mad. Women are verbal. They talk shit, or just hold it in. I think I have shifted from physical to verbal as I switched from men's to women's hockey. I'm not sure what's better though. I used to hit guys in high school any chance I got if they were in my crease (hockey term for the place that's painted blue by the net). I was generally angry, but the good thing about that was that it was short term. I hit, we had our little scramble, and it was all over by the end of the game.
With women's hockey, I have learned to be less physical when I'm angry. We all just keep it inside and that might make things worse. You don't have that outlet, besides maybe making a good save or scoring a goal, to make you feel better and forget about it. It just boils in your brain and might come out in some harsh words. So, this way of dealing with things is long term because it takes longer to wear off. I haven't given an answer here but these are thoughts.

I guess there are really three ways of dealing with life. Fist/sword, mouth, quill.

My own personal choice:
American culture discourages physical violence. That just makes you look bad. Everyone cares about their image, but just because they don't show it as much doesn't mean they aren't still plain evil. Things like cyber-bullying are outlets for power-hungry people to do their business behind closed doors. It's not much different, and it's not much better. I personally am someone who would rather write, or make something to express myself, because that leaves fewer victims. I would say the best way to deal with things is with quill, but one could even say that cyber-bullying is quill. It could be a written form of violence. There are so many ambiguities here, but I think that's what makes your threads good. And I don't feel bad posting a few paragraphs of disorganized thoughts like this, because that's what you do. I like your threads. Maybe I'll come back and add to this at another time.

Two Faced Egg (23)
04-18-2015, 02:24 PM
Devils advocate i Shall Be , If Mr.Manson is Expressing that this Society does not need more Censorship Laws , I will Meet Him halfway . I am in no way saying Laws Need to be Passed to Restrict Freedom of Speech in this World .

Th15 Omega - I Really L:ike What You Said , Giving Insight into everyhting from Social Acceptive Violence , Sports , Holding Feelings in , Differences Between Male & Females in Circumstances , and From a Female Perspective , It's Great

The Pale Emperor made Me feel Useasy at first , I Really Liked The Sound Of it , but a Song Like " Killing Strangers" Really Provoked Me , It's that Mr.Manson Is So Good at being Symbolic with descriptions Of Violence to Me Personally, What is everybody else thoughts On the Continued use Of Guns, Violence at this Point ? When others have asked why Mr.Manson would "Blacken" His character , Going from Speaking on Issues with a Positive Insight , too Using Threats OF Violence & Fantasies Of Murder & Sacrifice , I feel it's Suspense , To Keep us on Our toes to speak , Until He really Does Abandon This Art Project in favor of Homicide , that is My Theory LOl' (TwentyThree)

04-19-2015, 08:14 AM
I think Manson has always had a writing style in which he takes on the perspective/persona of another in order to prove a point. This has often over the years been one of the main causes of his misunderstanding by the general public. Anywhere from "I eat innocent meat/ the housewife I will beat" to "You better run / 'Cause we got guns", one can see that Manson is taking on the persona of another to prove his point. It's not literally Manson saying he's beating a housewife or killing strangers, it's who he's talking about. As for his most recent mentions of violence in music, such as Killing Strangers and something like Pistol Whipped, I think you see that same effect. As for Killing Strangers, I think he's talking about how people see themselves as more powerful just because they have a weapon, and how they are insensitive about killing people they don't know, while they would be devastated to kill people they knew and loved. They have an urge to kill, and they know the devastating effect of it, so they kill people they don't know so they don't have to feel the guilt of killing someone they know. This could be representing any killer, or even terrorists or military personnel. It could even represent Manson on a smaller scale (maybe mentally hurting people, or physically), but again, he is putting himself in the mindset of someone else, maybe even an exaggerated version of himself, to prove a point. So in terms of your question about his continued use of violence and guns, I think he is just continuing to use the effect I mentioned, because it works, and it may even be becoming more relevant as the news tries to portray the world as an increasingly violent place.