View Full Version : Poetic Justice etc

04-24-2015, 12:54 AM
Im the crazy bitch who blasts rap and that trap
somehow managed to get out of that
bullshit drama saved for your mama
But I still love yo obama, that stuff
CIA and FED and all the rest including me
Dont even bother to be worried about this reality
I've busted through the matrix, then said I can fix this
And eventually I would, somehow do that
But because of the friends I have
But because of the friends high and low
He knows this love wouldn't let him go
So rage on against the dying starlight midnight
Sorrow, and bring yourself back someday for tomm.
This might be justice, it might not suffice
All I did was try to be nice
And all they did was compromise
Oh well, lesson learned, bad wolf
Burnt, weed smokin, blunt rollin
Been trippin but oh well I aint goin
Until you break, and before you do
I'll show you mercy
The fortunate few. SISTA
I dont have time for the wasting
I was here just for the tasting
And no that your wasted
At least we saved each other.
I loved you, now on to another.
As you would wish......
You arent here, but you really are.