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05-14-2015, 12:05 PM
chp. 1. circa 2015

I want to fuck you so hard it hurts, and worse, I don't need a strapon you're worth more than this cheap tool. Fool could bury your head in the sand, or we could just make love like raindrops in the ocean. I poured out the rotten love potion, because I needed no one. I've been sleepless for quite some time, I'm worried they might be watching me as I lay asleep in the dark, dreaming of fucking someone really or being fucked by a man who is sexy. Sexy is better, as he offers me that holy sweater, and I wish every man in the world could do that thing you do when you get her....

This is why I'm writing the bible for sluts, because I like smut and Im not a hoe but I could be tho. Japan might have better porn than the violent bs we see on tv, on this really fucked up world we see on the screen, Kinda screaming I really need a meaningful fuck. Could you give that to me pleases, Im surrounded by cowards and pushovers and no one is on their knees but this bitch, me. I'm not praying to some sodomasochistic fucking empire, even when the cult surrounded by pyres full of fire and Ive been on the live wire for awhile, there's something petty about this quiet disorder.

I want to fuck you like an animal, he said, whispers of slut and whore in the bed--and how I would like to have sex, but sex, what a waste when you cna't make love...so sweet so bitter, they say I'm a quitter or that Im no longer a go getter, or a cunt or a whore or a bitch or whatever....I would like to be wrapped in the cloud of beauty, not the dark cryptic insanity of brutality. Im dangerous, so strange and bitch Im alive like ALICE and I got SUM fucking metal in my brain. They may not have succeeded, I am bleeding less these days. I dont wear crosses because they kinda turn me off, like JEEZ, I aint no M but I am cute.

Could suffice if you ram it in real tight and I'll try not to dispute.... I will probably take you over...but he said he wanted to infiltrate my program....and damn, they've done that enough hillary duff and I called the bluff, the blunt that I need--the freedom I crave, the beauty I admire, the sex I need, there are theories out there that beauty is in the eye of the beholder....shhhh just whisper, its so freaking shady in here, Slim SHADY aint a queer---fuck me like an animal, OH DEAR>>>>>>

Two Faced Egg (23)
05-26-2015, 12:42 PM
My reptilian Brain , Pleased Strokes'