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06-08-2015, 12:23 AM
This is the story of Robin and Hood. Hood was the daughter of Robin. Robin was an outlaw who lived in the caves and behind forest knolls, secretly possessing a powerful curse. It was the dawn of time, or so to speak. Mistletoe and holly, tinsel and twine, Mary the beautiful set up her shrine. The morning broke over the peaks of the misty mountains blue.

Hood is clothed in her grandmother's red shawl, desperate for a place to stay far from the wild wolves in the forest. Her father, Robin, is on the run from a band of thieves, for he had stolen the treasure of gold they all had laid claim to. In Hood's basket were four hundred coins, a pocket knife, and a few potions for this and that. As Mary stumbled through the stony pathway up the hills of the thicket, she spotted a mysterious white wolf, that shimmered as if by rays of the sun.

The wolf drew ever nearer, as Hood caught sight of the bright red roses on the vines closer to the lake which seemed suddenly the waters gave off an eerie dizzying array of colors. Ha she been bewitched? Where at first the wolf had appeared to observe her, a boy stood by the tree looking dumb and bewildered. Hood, who was eighteen years then, smiled at the young man who had a bemusing innocent grin. Before she had time to catch her breath, a flock of crows flies out from behind a cave and they seem to rush over her head.

She's seized with terror as the pale boy stands up, and walks toward her, wearing nothing but the sheet around his waist. Hood's screams can be heard from afar, and oddly the man to come to her rescue was none other than leader of the band of thieves, the Hunter. When he retrieves Hood from her captor, and the thieves seek to make coats of his hide. Hood decides to help the wolf escape his fate, in return Hood will be given the wolf gift. Years later, Robin appeared to Hood in a garden beside the old Castle of Yorkshire. Robin moved onto other worlds beyond the pages of a fairy tale book, and ventured into reality. The white wolf would like us to remember him as Hunter, the King.

Two Faced Egg (23)
06-23-2015, 12:36 PM
Very Cool , I like the ' Hunter Archetype Quite a Bit ! You working on a lot of Fairy Tales right now ?