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08-06-2015, 09:29 AM
The screams of the poor guy being tortured didn't faze the Machine God, the mechanical box of hatred and creation that directed its will upon the surgeon robots, hazaphard humanoid creatures with as many arms as their small frames allowed without toppling over, all armed with a different tool for the job. Assisted by bigger robots with a vaguely female figure, a grotesque imitation of a nurse, the enforcers that kept the human pinned down, forcing his limbs to the metal table that fuctioned as an operating theater, the burning lights that came out of the eyes gigantic face that served as the speaking piece of the Machine God serving only as a caricature of a clinic, as if it was to mock the prisoner.

"It's not easy turning man into machine."

The knife going through the legs of the man served the cue for the screams of the damned, the backing sounds of the speech of the Machine God.

"It's a hard task, requires careful study of the imperfect anatomy of the human being, a weak, vulnerable species that can only get better by the cold, durable steel. Replacing your veins, a sad conduit for the blood that carries the oxygen you sadly need to breath, the same thing that kills you from the inside and poisons and corrodes your body. Oh, the irony, you need to breath the thing that kills you slowly: you live to die."

The red-hot metal, just out of the mold of the belly of the Machine God, in form of a crude but serviceably leg tears a bloodcurdling scream from the subject as it's stuck against the still tender flesh of his body, a, insect like member that will be his now forever to serve the will of the beast.

"You can only be improved: strong arms, faster legs, less thinking of your self-preservation. Your individual will is a problem that needs to be solved, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link: if all of the links share the same will, how strong would that will be? Your will will be mine and I will be your mind, your guiding light to a higher purpose."

The crude robots replacing and linking the veins of the legs of the now in shock person seem to pay no heed to the horrifying verses from their God, for they are one. They need not to hear it. They've already heard it millions of times, for every prisoner they turn into one of them, replacing the useless parts with new, more powerful.

"You will join a single mind, a mind forever awake, a mind only made stronger by every unit that united in a single song, eternal, immortal song that will end the shame and mourning, a song that will bring the end to this fleeting society, a song that will arise a new dawn, a dawn when no one will be alone, a dawn when we will all be one."

A new scalding piece is joined, a slick, bright mask that will cover the face of the new slave to the Machine God, stuck forever to the skull, secured with enormous bolts that will serve as the antena that will link every movement, every sensation, every thought with the infinite consciousness of the great creature.

"Awaken for the last time, my new beacon, for you will never sleep again."

Two Faced Egg (23)
08-06-2015, 12:50 PM
"Insect like member that will be His now forever to serve the Will of the Beast " - Great Job dskzero' I really like reading Literature like this , KeeP uP the work Yo' Cheers'

08-06-2015, 01:38 PM

I need to proofread that more though >_>