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Penance Sentence
08-07-2015, 04:02 PM
We are all the same. I don't mean that in a hippy, ignorant way. We live how we live because we convinced ourselves it's right. Nothing is right. Everything and everyone is wrong. We should be, if we care. No one is right, but we're all left...behind....
We want meaning, whether it's meaning out of non-meaning or meaning that there shouldn't be meaning.
I feel compassion. I want you to feel it too. We like to follow the leader, whether that leader is a person, place, or thing, or idea. We love nouns. "Oh, who does that?" It's not a trend, it's not worth it in our eyes.
We follow the leader like innocent looking...MON(0)ARCH Butterflies. We hurt. We bleed. We feel. We die. We all speak the same thing in the end. All roads lead to death, but our lies we tell ourselves to get there are (seemingly) very different.

I love you all, in ways you can't ever imagine. Commoners are just Common Nerds. You're all geniuses. All of your talents are utilized to one craft or field, that you've studied your entire lives.