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08-08-2015, 04:03 AM
For there are many Mansions for the Dope Sick. Looking for peace at the Pharmacy. Blessed by the "Doctah's" who B looking over me. I want my. I want my. I want my DMT. I want my. I want my. I want my Dru gee gee's. I can give you the keys. Because sex is a circle. Life is impaired. I can show you a trick, but just don't shit in your underwear. An IV infusion of "You were never there". You're free on this frequency, but when you awake, beware. It's okay if you puke your spirits everywhere.

It can all be remixed. Everything has and needs a fix. Your DRM hardware has been repaired. Wired with groping tentacles, to grasp and to hold hands. Make fuck with your new creators with triangle foreheads like LAM. Shoot down the buzzards with your alarm glocks. Put an end to your misery by inserting your coc-k. Into deeper passages, banned and on fire. Stay away from old ghost lies and catch them with razor wires.

Let your old blood seep into the pit. Watch as new swimmers start to trip and to slip. Bless them with irons, laughter and spit. You beat what you cheated. Now you've become it. Only faster and wiser, but slower with your slits. Take what you know, and wither down their wits. Your guides have given you a new swatter to zap them into fits. Into new, naked vulnerable snapped whippers all used. Press your foot on their moth wings.....and make.them.your.bitch.

Two Faced Egg (23)
08-10-2015, 11:34 AM
I want My , I want My , I want My membership in Thelemites - (TwentyThree)