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09-29-2015, 02:59 AM
I suppose we're going to have sex now? What does that mean? You said you were going shopping. I meant in your pants for cream. Well, I didn't see that coming. You won't because it'll be inside of me. There, you did it. What? Felt good. You too. You're very nice. Well thank you, I really like you too. Where will this be? When you go back to sleep. But what if I die? I'll give you a heart attack. But what will that do? It'll bring you back. Will you be my Wife? No, fuck you. But you said that you loved me. What? Um, who? I can't deal with this. Just get back into bed. I'm losing my mind, get out of my head! I'm not in your head. This is all real. This isn't a dream. I'm lying right here. Will you be my Wife? Of course I will. But you just said no. I said no, fuck you. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you. Where did that COME from? I.Don't.Know. Well I didn't see that coming. I just told you that you'd be inside me when you blow your load. But what if I want to see? Let's buy a House. That doesn't make sense. Well don't you want to be my spouse?

We're all sitting on a lamp. We're all yawning on the lawn. We're so bored and lazy and drained. The only excitement that we get is when we get laid. Even if it is cold and depressing and damp. We're just fixing each others grasp on sanity and what else talks and blasphemy with burning trees and oil barrels with aborted third world babies and cracks on the walls where the spiders crawl and sadness from our eyes and 9/11 like screams with a noise complaint notice the morning after.

I suppose we're going to have sex now? What does that mean? You're so silly. Will you be my wife? I'm like putty. But you tickle my fancy. Of course I will. So what happens next? Where did you get that drill? I'm inside of your brain and I'm not real. But you said you are. Yeah, I am real. Okay that's cool. So what do you propose? Will you be my wife? Of course I will. I already am but not today. Let's buy a house. We just did yesterday. Okay then let's steal a car and watch TV. Dexter is on and we need to clean. This is insane. I say THAT's okay. Where did that come from? I.Don't.Know. I suppose we're going to have sex now? I said okay. Where are the keys? They went out to play. I'm losing my grip. That's okay. Will you be my Wife? No, fuck you. You just said yes, I am highly confused. I said no, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you. You struck me with love. Hey, I like you. I really think you're nice. Same to you.

We're all blowing loads and we don't know. Christmas globes. Sit on my couch. But my kids are back home. What happened to them? They're waiting to be born. But that doesn't make sense. I said, well anyway. Where do we start? We ended last Tuesday. There was a complaint about this coming Monday. I'm highly confused, this isn't really happening. Sadness and milk. Glands and silk. I'm really getting terrified this makes me so happy! They say retards are smart but just in a different way. They comprehend too much is what makes them that way. Like when a computer crashes after being hacked by too many tabs all at once. It's all starting to flow now. We're going in fuck and there's noises and what and thanks well can't I have just a please and wait, wait, wait.

It was then, when I woke up in my Hospital bed. It was only 45 seconds where I was clinically dead. But I got married and learned to ride a bike. I saw Heaven and a Therapist....and will you be my wife? She said okay. I'm going to get married. Everything is okay. I suppose we're going to have sex now? What does THAT mean? Same thing as before.

Two Faced Egg (23)
09-29-2015, 09:42 AM
Sitting 0n a Lamp is Depressing and Damp. I Experienced it & Admire it. ( this story that is lol'Ss)

09-29-2015, 11:16 AM
Sleep deprivation can be a very dangerous game.

Two Faced Egg (23)
09-29-2015, 12:33 PM
Haha'Ss W.T.F.