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What is freedom when
the rain falls like amnesia
The sun never sets
and the wasteland
Is all we see.
I do not ever want to go back
where the sun is too bright
where Im always too wrong
on the wrong side of black.
drink tea and chase dragons
paint rose flowers white
tip-toeing down alley-hours
This force of this doubtless night
in the twilight sky they cannot see
mirrors in the sky
In the days of light they cannot see
As these waters keep rising
Atomic bombs around me fall
I remember that was this winter
With no mirrors to see another
forbidden is this, and I wondered as
I stood in the sun and he wondered
as flowers unfolded to bleed and
she cried Atah Gibor Le-olam Adonai
crown this war of greed
In the fields of dying weeds
for a lie written into dust of hell.
She stares to God as the rain makers
Fall Into a musical dance and shake us
And the oceans drown us as they cry
In a world that is both all and right
Give Liberty this one life!
Sleeping dream that never ends
As the trees will sway then bend
In a terror streaked crack of thunder
As we all begin to wonder
For a child she was bright
no memory or recollection beside insight
all her stories are up for collection
Words of but a misfit matron
amidst delights of a mystified creations
paradoxes and riddles she had unlocked
And Pandora killed that awful clown
But made jack laugh in his Carlene gown
I was the inspiration for a revolution
Amongst waves of mutilation and siren bells
The frightened speaker she has a heart
A dancer in the dark creates a fire in the dark
Ive lost a melancholy type of desire
And long to feed the poor in this empire
disciples to the schemes of delusions
The faces that wear such amusing disguises
everything there supposed to surprise us
we mastered to be undermine this
Shatter the lies with illuminated advices.
I always dreamed of holding up the skies
Doomed by the pale white horse he rides
wandered off the tops of sky rises
dropping like wet paint from the ceiling
well spent on this yellow throne feeling
her perfumed lips whispering with emotion
she whispers to me, I miss the ocean
Kissing everyone goodbye and God speed
As she rides the horse we sing the creed
and watched the idols burn in enmity
these dimensions of a just reality
the playground of inventions so brightly born
Just as her words carried her forward
Were torn as shes scorned and alone
She is mourned but by thousands of stars
She always returned without burns or scars
As if she was pure and solely ours.

12-14-2015, 02:12 PM
I always dreamed of holding up the skies
Doomed by the pale white horse he rides
wandered off the tops of sky rises
dropping like wet paint from the ceiling
well spent on this yellow throne feeling
her perfumed lips whispering with emotion
she whispers to me, “I miss the ocean”


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Really , really enjoyed "GOD" , Please keep up the good work.

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Thank-you <3

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Melancholia By Gabrielle Bryant 2015

Sweet Surrendering

Her visions, she’d tried to perfect them, sending those
post cards to heaven
Tracing an imaginary world around men and women one
I paraded through endlessly the ages of machinery
of rainbows and beasts and melancholy
In that little house on sunny street
She swore never to surrender to this fear unholy

Really, she said this is amazing
She could see the diamonds in the snow
Never forget what you believe in
That’s the reason we don’t know

They threw their fists of flame
Summer days set alight these paper doll memories
in the pyre we worshiped you as you rode the phantom high
Together we took shelter under tables stacked with the knowledge of an empire

Hiding from his eyes

She closed her book and sang
Black birds in the deadened skies
She fell in love with a black man
In a black town under a smoky moon in a future that will be a lie someday

The guardians spread their vengeful
Ideas, wordlessly conjured my
Riddles, unspoken music she could still feel in her bones

Like the painted castles on the sea
Like the night we were wrapped in the cruelty of time’s defeat
Even in total darkness you are not alone
And death is not discrete

You might find yourself
wearing the crown
Even though not yet reborn
There’s something merry and joyous as we runaround town
Believing we are special people
As we all fall down before you

The Queen

I’m drunk on your potions
counted the dots on the wall
I feel really nervous
That you would care at all.

Maybe I should embrace this thing
The beauty and success of my fame
It’ll be dazzling and maddening
They will see, I came with a name

I’m in love with this fantasy becoming reality,

and queen of his reality,

I want you to love her madly, a poet bleeding her poetry

It was raining. My lipstick stained his lips as he raised his grin
I felt your fingertips crawl up my skin and tear at my veins
Maybe I’ll always be alone in this
I must have crafted this matrix
After all everyone says, I’m insane...

Follow me to where the violence is warm chasing star super novas
In my eyes and in your charm tell me something that I won’t mind
That won’t be a lie or a crime that I can’t be bound to when it dies.

Power felt so unconditional
With my dreams like hurricanes freely spinning my emotions and suffering in my brain
you spoke of winning the wars
Through the sorrows of sleepless tomorrows and memories
Still so twisted and sinful wicked enough this power so beautiful.

Naked and bitter, cruel and fearless I’m jaded by the engineer I guess
Let me address your concerns
Keep me coming up for the reasons I was hated....logic will burn
They’ll never see these battle scars worn.
I ran out of all those better drugs and all of those pretty happy pills.

I’m still in love with you
I can’t explain why I’m so sick
And those not so perfect nothing’s
We whispered under our breath
Between the harsh promises of life
Swallowed up by his sweet kisses
That were as cruel as the killer’s blade, passion craving the fools embrace.


I wept as the world fell
into the eyes of its own machination
just as those ink smeared pages
stained black my memories
I’ll always feel forsaken
Even when I’m falling endlessly
without time or location.

Reasons spoil and words fall short
he smiles as the knife is praised
you lean in for a soft sweet kiss
clothed in your predictable bliss
as the blood soaks your dress
we tremble in the darkness.

The world becomes it’s own ending
a black hole at the bottom of everything
nails, spirals, notations of truth
I wept as he was overcome
by the taste of her perpetual youth.

We scratched at the stones, we threw in our pieces
before the bodies were raised
lips whispers into our ears
secrets that slept in the hollow seas
below a withering halo
bathed in a future’s afterglow
promises of a hereafter

I was thrust into the eclipse
behind a curtain of white
mind radiating fear and silent sciences
stretched upon the glassy light
he clips the wings of butterflies.

We’re caressed by moonlight
although nightly nightmares warn
of the hellish flames that burn
and the consquence of being too proud
or believing this lie about the ground
and how if you fall you will make a sound.

Under the imperfect sun
the shattered stars raging wildly on
regardless, and the color of the sea
sleeping beneath a world’s darkened scars
there was a reason to believe in me

I tried to slit my throat
the knife’s edge was too dull
I tried to find answers
but the truth is a cancer
I have been lied to by the authorities
Love was madness, and I wanted it more.

-The Hellish Bell-

I visited the place where I had been free
and in that curious epiphany
I saw trees and flowers painted so candidly
Where nature had lost its mind
And it was a peaceful melancholy spring
I had no offering and so they clipped my wings
Letting go of all those sorrows and cares
Love was just as beautiful in sanity’s snares.
I had never really smiled right on a given day
and that had always made him angry, anyways
It made me happy when I laughed along
As if all the shapes had been placed in wrong.
When suicide had sung its song.
And my dreams were all out of focus
they spread their wings, those locusts
once -the moon lost focus-
-Death my only subterfuge-
-Where nature was fairing all too well-
-And I a prisoner of cruel madness’ spell-
-Chained to the gate of God’s hellish bell.-


-Those fragrant blossoms bring-
-a tear streaked belladonna-
-who wished upon starry moonbeams-
-in the paradise of cinema-
-Her brightness so illuminating-
-she was seen from every cloud-
-In the paradise that Allah-
-bestowed upon the crowd-
-I pray someday you’ll descend-
-down your staircase made of light-
-From your theater in the sky-
-To the sun’s abandoned knight-
-Where a flower longs to keep singing-
-The belladonna looks down on him smiling-
-With thorns twisted to a promise ring-
-Flutter, like a bird on dewy wings-
-As their rose is tossed away-
-To the moonlit carnival under the sky-
-Where Paradise was almost lost-
-To a faithless cannibal of lies-
-A wandering traveler lost his mind-
-To hear this carnival rejoice eternally-
-For the belladonna, whose joy-
-Tempted Allah with her saturnine beauty-
-I will always remember your grace-
-the song in your lips, the kiss and its taste-
-The Tree where nature’s beasts once-
-Flew away into the dust in sights unseen-
-For every prince has dreamed the day-
-you’d come down from the vine-
-Enchant the world with divinity-
-And nature at last, her heart would be.-

-Beneath the Snow-

-He sees only her ephemeral beauty-
-adoring her sweet smile, and still-
-love trumps a powdered world-
where a mind is darker than a pill
ugly girls weep under faces of snow
like stars wrapped in artificial light
narrated by an eternal hazy shadow
laughing to keep out winter’s fright.
I wish it were easier-- I have to confess
to be as sugary and white as frosting on a cake.
to be unblemished by this absurd madness
For from this sleep, I’d never have to wake.
And if I had this wonderful dream,
I’d sell my soul for all the powder and cream,
Yet that is no life for the soulful dreamer,
you’ll find yourself alone down there.
Deep down I am crying, and falling apart
Deep down a broken mind, a winter’s heart
Yet the colors of life surely could free
In this insane world, an ugly girl like me.


The leaves have dried on the trees
of my weathered mind
What once was beauty
Now is what beauty left behind
I watch the moon drift overhead
The mountain tops
Poking into the sky
I dream of a day I can awake
And know truth from falsity
Is there a way to embrace
the clouds so fluffy in their charm
With magic dying softly
In your arms, we dress
We wander often in regress
do not worry, dear
For I am the mockingbird
At last, I am mad
A great cry, it was had
For I have lost all that could be
My heart at last can flee
These aching dreams can rest
These wings now bested
What was that? A memory
Now what’s left of me
A prisoner for the world to see

Silent Requiems

The softest light, red rays so bright
I smile as the blood seeps from my veins
Creator of the blackest night
Conjurer of the bitter rains.

A string of pearls around my neck
Drops of honey upon my lips
Kissing diamonds from the sea
Lover of the ship that sinks in it.

Broken glass and hollow bones
Open eyes and sunlit clouds
Faces watch, people look ahead
God, must we live to let it be
Sky spread out so wide below
Shining, a starry show.

If only you could see my eyes
That died each time they closed the lid
On the top of a mind gone to bed
This stream of tears for every masochist
Who dared to challenge war with a fist
I tied a noose around eternity
At least the evil ones haven't found me
Even though death won't be of any use
As the rains turns to ice and the mountains sing
Time stops ticking, and peace is once more
I'll be the loudest knock upon your door
I found more love in my heart than
in death's quiet roar.

Scarlet Stars Slow light, cold snowy night
Bright light, winter's fight
Hard heart, winter starts
Slow light, blue, white, and red.

A dead end, a deafness unsaid
The mindless occupant
Of a secret in the walls
All the stars beginning to fall.

And my eyes open up to
The empty spaces between me and
you the halls and the rooms
Their silly silver smiles
Inviting the moon so white.

How far is my mind from the sun?
Why do stars have to burn?
How sad is this glamorous sky?
As these lonely people
Burn everything in sight.

Twilight Paradise

Time sleeps beneath the evanescent pearls
as these drops of earthen blood
rust upon her dying world;
I do not want to go back there
where the sun never sets
and the stopwatch wives can't get upset
sipping tea, smiling candidly
in painted plasticine; white and maroon
waltzing around twilight, gleefully.

I remember when the moon came
When all the clocks reversed their motion
there were no mirrors to stare into
only a strange phantasm was there
as the posies unfolded to their keepers
she cried Don't leave me here
crowned, her Silver Hair, the girl who saw in spirals
refuses to bow down to the lies
that freedom meant she had to fight her
all the paths leading her to paradise.

She gazed upon the mirror as winter disappeared
and a million rains fell from her eyes
In a tragedy of design, Maya's confinement
of a dream that ended with a salient spark
a dancer in the dark who fell apart
I've lost a will to bleed this broken heart

Marti cries at the wilting flowers in her prison
disillusioned that she can't die
but she can't bleed she's not even broken
& I am only inventing the lives I can't be living
flame mingles with darkness' illusive love
everything was created in the Company
we were mastered to be wrought thin as air
and crushed beneath its weight of despair.

I'd dream of holding up the skies
lonesome in these damned disguises
wandering off the tops of skylines
dropping like the paint of our soul's vestige

God protests our unchained lips
she whispered do you Believe me?
In the depths of silence
and we watch her bright enmity
these dimensions of Your reality
the kids push each other around
Just as her words meant so much in jest
She watches her bright world turn
like all the rest we learned
To pass Creation's test.

I've wondered, if it was the man who freed me
who'd sheltered me in his paradoxical country
whilst she starved them of bread, until dead
her narcissistic madness, a eulogy to all we could've had

It drives me mad

I woke up Godless, wrapped in golden stars
burnt up of meaning, it hurt me and everything I loved
It was a sin, to ride away from this hell on my white horse
when without understanding, the pain demanded answer

I am not a coward, I will not leave you in this war
I'm no hero, I'll look terror in the eye
and never blink, never surrender to their lies

I am so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you
I am so sorry, that's what I should never do
I've never been in so much pain that I'd rather be true
than suffer this way for the ones who knew

My God is white, my God is high
My God is neither
My God is in the moonlight
Waiting for my brother to see all that is
and the potential that he can be
in this Godless century
where someday we can be free.

12-22-2015, 08:08 AM
"We’re caressed by moonlight
although nightly nightmares warn
of the hellish flames that burn
and the consquence of being too proud
or believing this lie about the ground
and how if you fall you will make a sound."

"like stars wrapped in artificial light
narrated by an eternal hazy shadow
laughing to keep out winter’s fright."

Silent Requiems breaks my heart. </3

I don't think you're mad.

"I want you to love her madly, a poet bleeding her poetry"

Your work is beautiful- I can only pinpoint favorite lines/verses

Thank you for sharing your work here.