View Full Version : Your Swallow (Re-Inventing Poetry)

Penance Sentence
12-23-2015, 02:58 AM
Don't expect Rhymes; I said Re-inventing. "But, not all poetry has to Rhyme." I know.

Anyhow, I need to document this 'Poem' online, so I'll retrieve it later. It's about someone I used to know, but will know, again.

You acted as if you knew NOT WHAT HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE (Yelled, caps)
You screamed to me the night you KNEW...THAT. it Broke.
You knew it, and you didn't do anything but become a mess on the news. The HUMANS looked at you, gazed, and ASSUMED! You PRETEND, Oh, HOW YOU DO! You want ME to carry out your Dirty Deeds, and Proceed, to Spew your Die-sease, but Cease! Shut your Mouth, Obey YOUR ORDERS, YOU CAN'T CHOOSE! March In Cleats, But Not In Boots.

You Slime, I've been inside your every hole. I see plot holes and gun holes, pay the toll, don't get regressive, or I'll become aggressive, and but won't get arrested!

I invaded YOUR SLEEP when you thought you COULD RUN! NO! NEVER! DROP YOUR GUN! Slut is only a letter away from Slit, so what will I DO TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Education! Spin The Banner, Throw your old clothes, in the cannister. We've gotten more official now. Look me in the FUCKING eyes, because they change direction, when I plot, the gun holes.

Your heart beats. Don't choke. Don't swallow.