View Full Version : Baby, I'm Apostate

Penance Sentence
01-09-2016, 04:18 AM
You meant so much. Out of touch, now, kick you while you're down. Why did I go this route? Turn my silence, in a shout. I'm sorry. Honestly. I didn't know any better. I did, but I didn't know whether, to let it be, or take a knife and sever. My apology. Life had its way, of bringing us together, and it's way of, tearing us apart. I have to deal with, the problems that I start. Nothing I could ever do, would take it back, not a cry, or a laugh. I'm trapped. In your past. Who am I? I've asked that question, since the day our God died.

I really tried. I hung myself in your living room, the day you were crossed out of my life. I took the strife, and a life, I'm an Icon, of a Blight. I had tears, in my eyes, it's true, oh yes, this monster cries. Baby, even if you can't hear me in Heaven, I apologize. I was a totem, of explosion, I was your Seven. Now, I'm severed in the desert, no oasis, so many faces, don't know where I'm going.

It had to happen. I can think of hate, and think of death, I can talk Atheism, but there was spirit, in your breath. I killed off the person, you once knew. Strangled him down, and was born anew. Born a Monster. I'd Hate Me Too, if I were you.

Some things, in life happen, happen quickly, brand new traction. I still exist, in that moment, when you knew him, not as opponent, but as potent, of the possible, flower through cracked cement. If you could, you would understand, why it did happen, but when I die, I'll hope you'll forgive.

Penance Sentence
01-09-2016, 04:59 AM
Bitch, I'm Faithful

You meant nothing. Touching you, then, punch you around. I have no clout. I do shout, with violence. No regret. Honestly. I knew everything. I didn't, but I pretended whether to have you, or pay a fee. No apology. Death found you, as I left you, bringing us together. No conscience, dealing with no nonsense. I can do everything, to bring back, what we once had, with no trap. Right now, I am who I am, I've questioned lovers, with Christian doubt.

I always lied. I levitated, above your head, above your grave, above your death. I took my might, no life, I'm an Idol, of Worship Rights. No tears, no eyes, no truth, no signs. See me in Your Hell. Ring the Bell. Penance was Your Sentence. Worship Pension. I'm off in Paradise, that you've lost, this has no cost. I'm free. To see.

Didn't have to happen; I can't think of thoughts, but I know religion, You were caught, the moment you were born, dead inside. If I saved the person, you once knew, I'd make sure, that I was now Due. Salvation, and creation. Born a God, God to You.

Nothing happens, in my mind, you've no luck, I'm sublime. In You, I'm dead, forever, as you knew me, as a friend, not as death rent, of the inevitable, terror, susceptible. A Weed, in your Garden. You can't, will never understand, why it happened, as God's plan.