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02-14-2016, 05:28 AM
- A serious free flowing stream of consciousness poem -

Take this bullet. Part the Sea. The grey World doesn't matter. The grey world doesn't matter. You'll never see the splatter. Your silence on a silver platter where your life is told through an autopsy. Your energy released. All of your pain relieved. Your mysteries will be solved if you just do this for me.

Come back to life as a tree or a flower. As people kneel and pray, jog and play, and your sweetness is a glower mistaken for a reincarnated power. Eat the Earth and spit the dirt and worms out of your sarcophagus roots. Become a spinning light that people see at night. An orb that people like to deny. An illusion that the optical, rational, like to deny. Crawl inside the spaces of a Child's mind and give them the fear of what is truly divine.

Do this for me. Do this for me. It's risky and may be permanent. Much to your detriment. But I guess you'll see. After all, we're just Space Haunting's. Accidental spawning with purposeful heads. And there are no walls. There is no lid. There's no more containment when you do this. No one living knows what it's like to be free. So, do this for me. Do this for me. And come back to bite me.

You won't possess me but I'll feel immortality. So, take this bullet and part the Sea. The grey World doesn't matter. The grey World doesn't matter. So, do this for me. Do this for me. Please. It may not be very rewarding but you'll have all of eternity to be free. The grey World doesn't matter. So, take a drink, and a shot and feel the release. It's a gift not to be gripped. I can't let you go, so do this for me.

Two Faced Egg (23)
02-14-2016, 11:57 AM
no , I won't. Sorry : (

02-16-2016, 10:47 PM
no , I won't. Sorry : (

Refusal to submit, yet plays the role of obsessed for control and dominance (however immature)

02-17-2016, 05:29 AM
I was at Gary's Park today.