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Penance Sentence
02-16-2016, 03:47 PM
Death to To Art, to anti-Art, to all, living, breathing, end and start.
Crucify, if you defy. Lie to me, and Cry to me. A resurgence, a resurgence, crashed down surface, aimed to to please, aimed to service.
Age of Science, come defy this, all my secrets, try to pry this. A believer, come to die this. Age of Jesus, has cum to cease us, lease us, leash us, and to be us.
We sacrifice, with no might. Innocent children, wild kites. A Recollection, no protection, set your rules, your profession, an obsession.
Our religion, freedom pigeon, has come to bid us, and to kiss us, goodbye, as we die, scared and sinless.

Our new world, we're no longer brave, but withering away. Signs are here, we even see, but we don't care, 'cause apathy.

We haven't gotten much time left.

Prepare to wake up....but not in this, re-al-ity.