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Penance Sentence
02-20-2016, 11:23 PM
Satanism, Chaos Magick, Rosicrucianism, Psychedelia, Levism, Freemasonry, Iridology, Astrology, Paganism, Reflexology, Fringe Conspiracy Theories (Ickeism e.g.), Buddhistic and Taoistic and Hinduistic and Jainistic, Sihkism (spelling?) branches, Sufism, Baa'haism (spelling?) (and all other mainstream religion mysticism), Nature worship, Tarot Cards, Dungeons and Dragons, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Numerology, Wicca, Black Magic, Stage Magic, Druidism, Goetia/Demonology, Blavatskyism, Alternative Spirituality Telepathy, Telekinesis, Fortune-Telling, Palmistry, Legends, Myths, Immortality, and whatever other bizarre belief systems I have forgetting to mention, or do not know about, what do you know about it, and what is your relationship to it?

This is NOT a, "Prove or disprove" post. Leave those logical sentiments at the door. I'm curiously desiring knowledge on the aforementioned subjects, and desiring knowledge of others' relationship to these subjects.

M Tragedy666
02-22-2016, 05:34 AM
I've considered myself a LaVeyian Satanist for many years, but have since sort of abandoned it/grew out of it. I still have fond memories of those days and credit LaVey with being the first real author that I enjoyed reading. I wasn't really a big reader as a kid. I read some things, but could probably easily count the books I've read on two-four hands. LaVey changed all of that. I liked his style and I have a soft spot for him and his work in my heart, even though I no longer consider myself a Satanist. He really shaped and developed my thinking as a pre-teen and teen. I was hugely influenced by it for a long time. LaVey, like The Amazing James Randi, was such a rich character. Whether or not he was mendacious is irrelevant. There was something about him that seemed really magical. The whole era he was a part of....it just builds more of his character and the fact that you can't really check anything...it was pre internet days.... How he carried himself and all the mysteries and myths about his character. We may never know how much or little of what he said about his life is true. As far as the philosophy of Satanism goes, I will discuss that with you if you like, though I haven't read any of it in many years and I think I've grown and developed as a person. In some strange way, and if I remember right, his brand of Satanism was interestingly and ironically close to being a Republican or Capitalist, whereas Christians usually identify with Republicans and Democrats seem to be more liberal and further away from Christianity. But maybe I'm just painting a False Dichotomy here.

Are you referring to David Icke when you said "Conspiracy Theories (Ickeism e.g.)". I haven't read Icke but I'd kind of like to. I used to be really into certain conspiracy theories, especially regarding UFO's and Area 51. I think part of my fascination came from me growing up in the 90s and maybe some of you here my age (I'm 27) might be able to back me up on this, but I felt like there was just a kind of alien boom going on in pop culture. Maybe this was the result of the testimony of Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked at Area 51 for a brief period and had one hell of a story, which was very believable, and also he's never altered his story and makes no money off of it, so why would he want to fuck up his character like that? I'm not saying I believe him, but it was really interesting. Anyway, he came out with his story in about 1990 or 1991 and maybe that is what kickstarted the alien fad. We can speculate. But I just remember alien everything. You couldn't go to a local carnival or state fair without being inundated at every turn with alien prizes like stuffed animals or posters, it was in video games, it was in cartoons and tv shows and juice box commercials. We had alien films being made. Maybe I just noticed it because of my interest, but I just remember it everywhere. You could skate around a UFO or on the moon or wherever in secret stages in the Tony Hawks Pro Skater games. The Simpson's focused a lot on aliens. South Park. I still am fascinated by it all even though I don't believe in it like I used to. I also used to be terrified of demons and religious stuff because of my upbringing. Other conspiracy theories are fun too, like the Illuminati running everything and different secret

02-22-2016, 06:35 AM
Look into Human Trafficking and Government/Human Kidnapping and experimentation if you want to understand the "Abduction" Phenomenon. There aren't any "Aliens" at Area 51. Now, if you look back through History at say, oh, Unit 731 in Japan. Look up some stories in the Dulce Base in New Mexico and The Pin Gap Base in Australia. Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I think that's what happened to MH-370. I don't even think that their was a flight, if you ask me. But there was a patent. If you want to get/go/delve into Conspiracy theories. Also, most people don't know that movies like the Saw Movies, the Hostel Movies, and The Strangers etc were based around, in many degrees, on true stories. I think they kidnapped those motherfuckers. And Malaysia is one of the most terrifying Countries in the World whenever it comes to Government Corruption, Human bidding/trafficking etc... Along with Thailand too, as well. *Smile* LOL

Penance Sentence
02-22-2016, 11:55 PM
Yeah, indeed, the 'Crowleyan' 'Aquino' 'Myatt' types.
In other words, the Black Magic Cops.

Black Magic cops.
Fucking Cops. Fucking Cops. Fucking Cops.

Penance Sentence
02-23-2016, 12:01 AM
I want a Dirty Slut with a "Fuck You" Face.

Nemoris Inferioris
02-23-2016, 07:11 AM
And Malaysia is one of the most terrifying Countries in the World whenever it comes to Government Corruption, Human bidding/trafficking etc... Along with Thailand too, as well. *Smile* LOL

What about SHANG-Hai? Or Shangri-La?

02-23-2016, 02:45 PM
What about SHANG-Hai? Or Shangri-La?

Is Masturbation in your home in front of a Window in the sight of Construction Workers a form of an Occultic Ritual........or even a Crime?

Two Faced Egg (23)
03-11-2016, 06:31 PM
The difficulty I have with Crowley’s view is I am not sure our wishes are our real desires . The majority of our desires come from the subconcious . Anybody who has had an addiction problem will recognize this – even though you really want to to stop smoking , drinking , heroin etc there is something within you , which urges you to continue and is mainly mental / emotional rather than physical . Our subconcious tells us we are deprived , so we pursue a mainly material life filling our homes with more and more , even though we are never fully satisfied . Our survival instinct commands us to take jobs we dislike , so we can maintain our standard of living and our sex drive compels us to seek out partners , who a lot of the time are completely unsuitable . And , then we turn round and say we are exercising our free will . Who’s fooling who here ? We are controlled by our impulses but what if these urgings are false beliefs . What are our real desires ? I think the only way is to questions our thoughts and emotions when confronted by choices and find what we truly want . Freedom and Free will are vital to the way we live our lives , but sometimes we confuse slavery with freedom . I do agree with Crowley’s ‘ Do what thou wilt ‘ but the real question ‘ Is this what I really want ‘ remains .. ...

09-05-2020, 06:06 PM
I use art to create magick. For instance: I am a capricorn and able to manifest my intentions directly---through activating the neg/sub space and the pos/spheres -Right now. But its so difficult to try to do the good magic and I end up doing the bad magic by doing too much of the good magic/IE Polarities. Intention Always yin vs. yang/ cant have one without the other so when I manifested infinite wealth I also manifested a lot of debt---resources resources resources. Harvest Moon. So I need to get this money and so it is maybe it is so. <3 M3 As Above so below MERCURY ALMA MATERIA ININITE PLUS UNUM>