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Penance Sentence
02-21-2016, 02:15 AM
Dr. Shangri-LIE notified me of a phenomenon unintentionally a few weeks back, of being of a certain brain frequency/chemistry, at the same time, acting and desiring a chemistry different to his own. The Doctor, in particular, mentioned his like for MM's more produced John 5 sound, and at the time, the idea did not make sense to like it (doesn't necessarily have to) and harbor no intense love for produced Pop music as a number one priority of music taste. Like XM signal quality. I've always preferred the AM radio waves myself. The Doctor harbored a love for the middle, for the inner spectrum, or rather a specific decimal style quality consisting of an extreme quality represented by a number, followed by a few numbers after the decimal point to designate a specific quantity of dissonance. My reasoning was this: if you like the initial number BEFORE the decimal point, then how can you not have the highest number to the right of the decimal point to signify appreciation for the most intense qualities to exist? i.e if you love MM for being MM, how can you not appreciate the art that has the MM quality/ethos, to a greater quantity?

Well, it doesn't matter logic in this case. I'll let it slide - because it's the same case of someone who loves Death Metal but hates Black Metal. Or , someone who likes Wagner but despises Mozart. Like wtf, right? But, the Doctor's preference actually inspired further thought on the subject: of liking specific quality of extreme, but the middle of extreme, instead of extreme of the extreme. In some ways, Pop music could be looked at as Extreme, even from a purely Musical/Instrumental point of view, and you could argue it's the most extreme art form there is. But let's take middle of the road extreme, or MM, or pretend to agree that MM is middle of the road extreme: well, why does the answer have to be that it couldn't be liked for being as extreme, even with an extreme incentive already present? Well, it can even if some of its elements focus on more harmonic and melodious features. My issue with it is...you're either in or you're out. You either are a Male or Female, Good or Evil. As much as I like MM, Duality doesn't make much sense. If that is STRICTLY the appeal, then I'd love Duality. But, if you are someone trying to be as Masculine as possible, convinced of its truth in scoring women, then why the fuck would you put on eyeliner and act feminine? It just makes me think of someone confused, with gender-species identity problems.

Let's forgo that point. Let's just say liking something logically inconsistent for the sake of logical inconsistence is a very logical thing to do, because by adding a specific arrangement of harmony and melody to something already very dissonant and harsh just confuses others (like myself), and is assured of its intent and is not confusing to those making it. The marriage of Pop and Underground: MM literally got it down to a Science. The only person who did it slightly not as good was Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, but you could argue he did it even better, he just appealed to a more underground audience than Pop audience.

Bottom line is, Nivek still used popular 80's synths, with jingles that could have been in Madonna tunes, and distorted it with perverse lyrics. MM was more about image and style. I knew this counterpoint to my original argument of ,"How could you not more PREFER Dissonant music, if you already like a combination that tends on the side of Chaos and Dissonance?," when I typed my initial reply to Dr. Shangri-LIE in his guitarist thread, but the Dr. never replied, so I never had the opportunity to express the flip side until now.

Edit: this leads to a discussion of Male/Female Science, and qualities representing gender attributes (being agreeable and friendly representing females, males represented by logic = is it possible for both qualities to lead to purity, extremes, in sake of truth - male logic leading to ultimate truth, suggesting males are superior?). Not many people are Purely Male or Female, but a decimal point male/female combo?
I'd appreciate if someone were to respond with knowledge of Genders/Sex across Life spectrum of different kingdoms. In third dimension, not quite sure absolutes exist, so gender absolutes could not either, but possibly in higher dimensions? Dimension 1^10 equals absolute? Possibly?

Autism and Aspergers seem to be a progression towards Masculine thinking, and there are far fewer females with the condition?
I may have Aspergers, because I type out posts such as this. hehehe