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02-28-2016, 06:00 AM
And this is something that I've written about before. We're also just speaking purely theosophically here. Something Manson has always done. He's never really spoken in a completely objective manner, even if it appears that he has. He's always left room for subjective interpretations. And that's why I'm making this topic. It's why I've always embraced the more non sequitur route of interacting with others in haunts such as this one. It also brings us to how Antichrist Superstar also did that, was a reflection, and also a prediction in a Butterflies on the Wall sort of way of the future. An exhibition of a cycle....or a fully automatic revolver that keeps reloading with newer clips for newer theaters. And as beautiful as Butterflies can be, they can also be, in this records case, a parabolic forewarning of a bad omen. However, one thing that, even if you find Religion to be total rubbish, you have to understand is the nucleus of not only what something dawned from, evolved into and replaced. But also all of the showcased characteristics, symbolism, and syllogisms used on Antichrist Superstar, what it all adds up to, and then do the math of what the person personifying a modern day personification truly amounts to. He understands the folklore that you reject and/or just dismiss without understanding because it seems like a waste of time to most more than people even understand how to fix things around their own homes. And that's why I've always found it so funny/peculiar as to why people embrace and identify with it, as it was full of hyperbole, contradictions, the story of a Biblical Character that is the "inevitable loser" in the end according to Christian doctrine etc... He was against almost every statement contained there within and even eventually "self terminated" that role, much like that of the Character of Omega who was also discarded. He conceded essentially..... He admitted defeat. Whether it was by his doing or someone else/an external force.

Among the many other things that not only I, but many, many others feel this record represents, it was a Honeytrap for semi-competent social malcontents who were a part of the "slacker" scene of the 90's who were just competent enough whenever it comes to loosely grasping the occult, the esoteric and having the feelings of rejection because they question/questioned their parents, teachers. authorities and Religion. But not really questioning them/it based on wisdom or even with the SLIGHTEST interest into looking deeper into things. But rather a very starved for acceptance and attention feeling that's not at all uncommon for most teenagers to have. Marilyn Manson knew exactly what to do. How to appear. How to appeal. He had to dilute his own intellect to make AntiChrist Superstar. This album was far from as controversial than it's siamese other "wing" on the body of the Tryptich, Mechanical Animals. It was more synched up against everything the previous album had to declare, and for a while, alienated a lot of fans. It was "smarter". It was more diverse and multi-faceted both lyrically, aesthetically and sonically superior as well. It just wasn't as heavy and full of noise. It was also darker.

You can't rebel against something or call it bullshit if you have no idea what it was and 1996 was him just throwing out "Anti-This and Anti-That" and that's about it without explaining why. It was just a song about blindly lashing out at just about everything, even himself, and all of it was just put in a blender of contradictory for the sheer sake of it. - LOL -And that was pretty much the spirit of Antichrist Superstar. The Antichrist never ends the World. The "Antichrists", (as there have been said to be many), foreshadows the coming of a Revelation or a someone who reveals the hidden truths that will dismiss their myths that are perceived truths and liberation from oppression and deception, while all the while the people who are under the "spell" of this person is actually the one lying to them and oppressing them. Setting them up to fail/fall/collapse. It's also a collective consciousness, much like the Collective consciousness of the "Cristos" which are a part of the same story and come from the same source. "I feel it. I believe it. It just makes more sense to me. Therefor it must be true.". Though I still love this record. I think that it's actually quite brilliant in the respects of how I've always analyzed it and felt that it represented. Oh, one last thing. There is no such thing as blasphemy. Let's say that the Christian God is real as well as the "Word of God" as described in the Bible as well. God Created Lucifer. He also created us in His own image. So, you can't really offend "God", who by the way, has a very sick sense of humor, created a World FOR the sole purpose of self entertainment. Though he does love you. Why? Because he made you. Your thoughts and actions are just as much His and what is in his nature. Again, we're just speaking purely theosophically here. So, you can't offend him. You can't offend "God". If anything, he applauds whenever you try to. So, burning and ripping up the Bible, much like the KKK did to bring the fiery spirit of "Jesus Christ" to spark fear and bring attention to his presence, is the same thing that Marilyn Manson does whenever he rips up and/or sets a Bible on fire. It's not about committing sacrilege. As there's no such thing. :D

"God can take any fact and put it into a new relation with any other fact. In other words, God can lie, and we may not know when or if he does. This is commonly met by objections that God cannot lie, but 2 Thessalonians 2:11 specifically recounts God sending a "deluding influence" on people for the sole and explicit purpose of making them disbelieve the truth. Note that this is not a "lying spirit," something with agency of its own, but a "deluding influence" direct from God. So from the Bible itself, which the presuppositionalists are starting from, we know that God could lie, can lie, has lied, and very possibly still does lie.". - Cornelius Van Til - *Sings - "I went to God just to see. And I was looking at me.". #Boom. Peace.The Fuck Out. What are your thoughts on this?