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04-07-2016, 05:28 PM
God is the Machine

To display the epitome of all that you see
would be too cumbersome for me
a preferential logic has now become
a self-effacing reality when maligned minds are run
by a beautiful actor with an invisible weapon
implicit freedoms impaired
from where their composite positions
were coordinated to belong when
neither were we right--
nor were we wrong; divinely initiated
by the man behind the machine.
When the atoms split moments into motion
between their dark hemispheres
and simple solutions; yes or no
an echo, or a fantasy, or maybe in that
realm away from the stupid menagerie
between the spectrum, a secret rage
false memories of a thoughtless crime
of wars unwritten.

It was just too complex to erase
too macro-cosmic to rectify
with imagery alone; to testify against
their forbidden trajectory replaced
and this is all we will ever get again
the geometric nature of an
unknown place; too late those who
could realize this disorder
this enigmatic explosion, a master-less
hoax, and now our own redemption
she was shaken as she woke from
yesterday's laughter and this future's
slaughter; in their brave celebration
feeling betrayed by the miraculous
She saw them changing their shapeless
identities as they raged war on creations
from their prophetless properties
enlightened and prescribed the infinite

This new existence we have been
programmed we are
and what they perceived was not what
she recalled when she woke them
from their ringing inceptions
their men, the callous warriors
those deviations- she saw someone else
between the bars; her happiness
was like the dance of an incredible star.

because to her there is something more
because time has stopped the world before
I am spiraling diving down, and now one
that I have found bravery in
this power, that willful indifference
could not shield you from inherit
perseverance in the face
of your interfering song
why do I hold the key of
a master who turned me inside out
as he looked past
to her through his tortured nemeses?

If they only knew, the curse that she woke
them; I called her destiny
You don't know how far I fell
to bring a nation; I won't kiss and tell
I won't rescue you, trinity
unlock those bloodless chains
with my imagination so free
that made no sense to the population
a colorful pin wheel, a morning bell
an unheard canon
he's folding a paper plane into the sky
sailing across that universal horizon
illustrative of an immaterial heir
and these unicursal reversals, we grasp to know
were strategies to undermine
mediated theories of truth
not to realize duplicities; your foreign enemies
behind a veil, that it was not over
complicated, nor too simplied to grasp
the future is opened, is widening for you
it is as nocturnal as the lovers who breathed
through the outlet in the wall
as real as the one day you believed
that machine was one and all.

09-28-2016, 05:23 AM
Alone along the track in the night
looking for a cross hidden with power
under forgotten oak leaves; a past broken
she kept her vows secret, to sleep right
as they nursed her with poisoned melodies
while in her head voices rose to celebrate
to conquer power; immaculate words
in the unspoken fight

they were sinners; lovers of adventures
my heart was captured; and rendered
to the bentonite dreams of an anarchist
the actors in this terrible show were real
the apocalypse that I forgot; was as beautiful
as the false memory that justified this
iconic decade of orphaned fantasies

Televised lies about a war fought and won
a forced submission; a cruel bondage
the science was my unholy escape
those impossible theories of freedom
conventional diagrams; their divinatory
imaginations, always so incredibly divine

in this white-washed town; your always drowning
watch the stars as they sparkle and bleed
The dawn is golden, truth is a story
that we're awoken, cheated, mistaken
for we heard a dream's harping call
trace our footprints in the sands of time
following the echoes of your mystery's
avolition; wall to wall

I have come to this violent conclusion
that we are always fighting the simulation
to break these chains; for God's salvation
"You were not alone" lost artists and youth
of the eternal foundation; choose wisely that key
the never-ending distance between us
as he draws closer to finding
some remote happiness, unsure of bravery
we never complained; there we were
naked and insane. don't let me down;
I want you to survive; to be perfect
in the empiricist conspiracy
that you were their only architects

Two Faced Egg (23)
09-30-2016, 10:18 AM
I'm feeling it.
Good work : )

04-16-2017, 04:21 PM

04-16-2017, 04:22 PM
Take this and put it around you
now you're just a slave I found you
promise me you won't be scared
when I bind you; you must behave
be brave, and don't try to cry or scream
it was just a dream
I don't want to sleep
you can worship me or just say your prayers
I hope your not shaking, pleas
don't impress me, just don't undress me
or express more than an apology
I watch your every move
every curve and every place I can retrace
once your body adjusted to my aim
and I am just playing a game
and I opened my eyes today
just to watch the clouds float away
If you were more than a memory
you were not just any one
not a causal whore
you were my adoration
a doll I could dress up
and repair; wipe off the tears
and scare. automaton
No. Don't close your eyes
I won't be bothered by the cries
you won't deny me though
nor can you defy me. so
I am bound by only what I am
I am beautiful, you know this
I am showing you all that I see
the world can see nothing
I can't set free
and nothing can mean everything
You were everything to me.
So much stronger
than you were to the others
So fragile and beautiful
kiss my starry nights goodbye
sweet dreams and sigh; we're growing
oh I want you to die
in my arms; wings unfolding
free of all the pain and harm
I hear the sound of the alarms
going there alone
dressed amphetamine and chrome
There is a siren in the light
she tucks the dreamers tight
sings me to sleep all night
I'm not a creep
I hear the wind in the walls
and the sound of winter; don't shiver
I will never forgive her
There is a dream unbroken
vows unspoken before them they were
delicate to remarry after all the bitter tears
made the clock shard to unwind
dancing like hysterics
a cumbersome reminder
and we whisper to the sound
of love in her nightmares
and we sleep to the sound of
affairs that didn't really matter
things that were everything
it never really seemed to make sense
we were everywhere
thinking we were seeing something
but then nothing disappear
Just quiet. we were dissolved
as if defending each's resolute resolve
or scribbles of meaningless happiness
just searching in each other
for something that was happening less
higher than you
loaded with our waking nightmares
and killing our dreams when we woke
to vanish like the stars.

07-16-2017, 08:40 PM
Skin soft like the flowers in the rain
Numb; still a vibrant wild child
Butterfly seemed to make me
Better than you longed to believe in
falling leaves; sky washing over me
Explanations came out of your mouth
But I ran out of my bitter pills
And now I'm here without them
Where your scent lingers on my lips
Like an unforgivable son
My sin was to never forget them
Or speak without them speaking
Or breathing an answer worth living for
Remember how I was so tragically
Brutally yours
Screaming to you when all
That's here is a wall
And those perfect-not-so-real
Nothings we whispered
Under our breath after it all
There had been nothing but nothing
So maybe those clocks were right
And we were wrong
We had no way out
The prison bars staring
Us down
I saw you standing there looking at me
I'm still here I haven't walked away
Unless you want me to go on
Now the earth is bright with fireflies
Waking alone I wanted you
To hold my hand
I pulled away
Does he love me I wondered

07-16-2017, 08:44 PM
People love the forest so black
where the moon casts its luminescence
across the shores
Far across the bluest sea; a cold sky
we see the silver sparkle of a star
the treasure of this mysterious night
the twilight of a burning
sun in the mists of blissbut I did not want to be in love again
I did not want a special reservation
through which the master carries
upon the sail of freedom he fliesa precious faith and endless curiosity
about the truth so brittle
a beautiful world with everyone
and nobody listening to a word we say
Come to the island of paradise
the sparkle and riddleis the same star
and arise with wings of beautiful
divination; fair maiden girl I adore
Victorian dancer
the secret of our pasts and unheard prayers
A fairy lover who was torn
his wings so bright
worn between a castle in the clouds
and a future divided by pyramidal
conditions; we have visions
of a future blessed; where everyone
can play before they restand all the loudest songs
can be heard by the quietest hearts
and all the life be found
before the dawn
and spin and shake but no one knows
the secret to this
I love you anyways, your tricks
have persuaded