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05-20-2016, 04:35 PM
September 10 2016
Location: Ciudad del Rock, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For full festival details and ticket info visit maximusfestival.com

Members Attending:

06-27-2016, 02:10 PM

07-22-2016, 07:44 AM
Tickets purchased.

09-08-2016, 09:00 AM
Hey guys, Vorterix radio will be transmitting the festival online. It would be cool if someone is available to record the streaming.

This is the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCTWHCbBC0b9UIeLeNs8ug
Not sure if it will be working on the day of the festival, otherwise the site is vorterix(dot)com

09-09-2016, 11:30 AM

The show will be streamed by Vorterix http://www.vorterix.com/ at 8 p.m. (buenos aires, argentina).

It would be great if some of you could record it .

09-10-2016, 09:48 PM
Just got home. Show was amazing. Will post a review later, but found this from the Vorterix stream on YouTube:



Coma White


The Beautiful People


And some photos:

https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14233142_1755446474726983_1540515616376652417_n.jp g?oh=519670a020fc4f3cc7017d969cb9a180&oe=58396395

https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14233256_1755446448060319_6154157041126708343_n.jp g?oh=1ad8ef143958292a1b818febe94141ba&oe=583EBCB7

https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14291787_1755446694726961_4983384593097166676_n.jp g?oh=7a5ddea1fc5e920fbce322c4ab947b2a&oe=5873323F

https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14212815_1755446788060285_7445463003528310261_n.jp g?oh=1b92d74909f3da799a8ec926b680cba2&oe=58420861

https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14264082_1755446804726950_5939079685932468027_n.jp g?oh=ddb644c348dce1f3514a233d520d7c7f&oe=58460D0C

09-11-2016, 04:47 AM
full pro shot yay


it's out of sync a little bit

09-11-2016, 08:58 AM
A different source for the Vorterix stream, full show.
I haven't checked if this one is as glitchy as the other one.


09-11-2016, 12:31 PM
Best quality and no lags.


09-12-2016, 10:34 AM
Well, review time.

There is not a lot to add to what can already be seen on the video posted above (I haven't seen it in full yet, but from the few songs I did watch, it's pretty close to how I perceived it at the venue). The show was great. The band was tight, energetic and the set-list was amazing. A little bit of ACSS, MA and HW, as well as TPE, plus the mandatory Sweet Dreams.

Tyler and Paul are a great guitar duo. They both have very strong stage presence, and bring some interesting layered arrangements to the songs. They both rocked, but Tyler really killed for me. The guy was on fire the entire performance, and his interactions with Manson were fun to watch.

Gil is a solid drummer, knowing when to pull back and keep the beat, and when to go into busier or full-on arrangements and fills. I loved his take on the old songs, after having heard some of them played by different drummers in the past.

Daniel Fox is pure energy on stage. Going back and forth between keyboards and percussion, he added a level of intensity that I had not seen in the live band for quite some time.

Not a lot to report on Twiggy and Manson. They were fun to watch and owned the satge as they should, having been at this for over two decades.

Even though they were kinda low in the mix, having Twggy, Tyler and Paul sing back-up vocals adds a lot to the songs. I feel like this line-up could play anything on the band's catalog and pull it off with their own spin on it.

This was my fifth MM show. It's been almost twenty years since I first saw them when they were touring ACSS. (In fact, the day after this show marked the 19th anniversary of their second Buenos Aires gig in 1997)

On a personal note, this show was a huge improvement from the last time I saw them in 2012. Both by the band, and the context. This festival was pretty decently organized compared to Maquinaria, the festival they played in 2012.

Overall, I had a great time, and enjoyed one hell of a Manson show. I'm glad it was streamed so all of you can enjoy it as well.

P.S.: Rammstein killed it too. I even heard people who are admittedly not into their music compliment their stage show.

09-12-2016, 08:16 PM
All the streaming videos are fucked up... :mad:

This video has takes of the crowd when Manson was playing (4:00)