View Full Version : Stray Puppy

09-01-2018, 03:51 AM
You taught me a trick, to just stop trying to speak.
I'm intellectually weak, emotionally frail, so just hold me and squeeze.
I just can't compete. Grab me, hold me down. Press my face into the ground. Make
me taste my failures in the dirt... where I belong, please. 'Cos the cream stains in my
underwear are as splattered as my dreams.

Put me to sleep in your ice hotel, this permafrost is just too much.
I'm a destitute mutt, my pleas have me like a bitch on my knees.
You come from a world of literature, I come from a world of litter.
I can't read, let's just watch TV, or just make me eat your
pussy. This isn't bestiality, I'd just like to clarify. I'm not real puppy, yo, it's
just like an allegory...or something.

Have you read the good word?

I'm fucked and tired and scared. I run around our house impaired.
When we walk outside you set me free, but when I look around at the
traffic lights, they're so pretty. Oh my god, why am I bleeding? Your skin is so warm
and soft, your eyes so ready...to see me off as I pass away, but there's love inside of them.
But there's love inside of them.

I'm a stray puppy and you've thrown my hope onto
the tracks. I chase it every time, look back at you, I can't comprehend
why you'd do this to me, but I thank you anyway. I'll pay you back when
I pass away.

The wheels on the train are spinning faster than my brain. So just won't you
put me down? Then again, though I'll run away, I'll come back around someday when I know how to
play the game. The game that you taught me. But you'll still neglect me in different ways. I You tell me you're
cruel, but everyone thinks it's cool to laugh at me. Babe that's okay! Do it anyway!

Stray puppy, I am. Yeah, I know. Your puppy astray, I'll stay.