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Rasputin 93
09-12-2018, 07:44 AM
I thought I had found this link on PM, but the search doesn't give any results: https://www.geeksofdoom.com/2013/10/31/begotten-antichrist-did-marilyn-manson-synchronize-antichrist-superstar-to-the-movie-begotten

However, I finally managed to recreate a "synchronized" version:

(sorry, if this isn't worth a thread)

09-21-2018, 03:19 AM

Rasputin 93
09-22-2018, 02:47 AM
You don't say!!1!!11

09-22-2018, 03:24 AM
Nevermind the trolls, nice work on the synched up version! Even if it wasn't designed that way, it certainly provides a rather spectacular alternate soundtrack for the film and I like the allegorical parallels that are then embedded in Antichrist Superstar.