View Full Version : We’re from America vs Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch

02-19-2019, 02:52 PM
Have a listen to paw paw negro blowtorch (by Brian eno) at 1.50 onwards. Also the ending of the song.


My suspicion is that Manson borrowed this. Brian eno has inspired so many artists and played a major part of Bowie songs (and many of ENO sounds are throughout Bowie’s work. I am certain Manson is a fan.

02-19-2019, 08:00 PM

Nemoris Inferioris
02-21-2019, 12:13 PM
Interesting indeed. Maybe Manson suggested it to Twiggy, or Twiggy was inspired by it. Either way it does sound similar.

02-22-2019, 01:48 PM
Interesting find, totally hearing that similarity!

02-26-2019, 12:59 AM
haha Phew!

You know that way you think you hear something but actually there is nothing to hear and its just cause you are a fan looking for something? I wasn't sure whether to post it or not so I am glad you all agree that there are strong similarities.

Listening to Brian Eno in general (this and another album in particular) I recognise so many sounds that Bowie used in a variety of songs. In the way I imagine Manson did. so it just makes sense to me.

03-06-2019, 09:46 AM
Interesting. The synth solo right before this part reminds me of the synth in WOW as well. Twiggy borrowed some cool stuff for the album lol