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07-28-2019, 04:34 AM
I curse you for not listening when I cried and for not rewarding me for my tears. For lying through your teeth. For ignoring my blind beliefs. For not seeing my broken heart for tearing my world apart. I cursed you to be filled with nihilism so inflated you would beg to be incarcerated. I cursed you for keeping me close. For the hatchet by the bed. For the blood prints in your head. I curse you for never caring not when I had to nurse you back to health all these terrible years basking in your glory denying the real story banking on a mystery.

Got to tell you I cursed you for that kiss, for that wish for yelling at me and wrecking my car for stealing my guitar and my phone for leaving me alone in that apartment grown tired of being raped I cursed you for taking me down and I cursed you for trying to break that spell I cursed you too well. I cursed you with my city’s embers I gutted you like a fish with your final wish I threw you to the fire with your story but don’t worry I cursed your mother your father your aunt and your uncle. I filled up the witch bottle with things to remind you and crushed you with my rage just to unwind you.

I outdid your inspired pride because I was empty inside. I threw you in the dumpster with your religion. I made a final incision like a lobotomist. I made you so much like me woulda swore you were a pacifist. I cursed you because you are a fuck boy and a bitch. Now you are dying and you’ll die alone see they’re not coming for you they’re coming to ruin your lovely tattered dreams.

Can’t hear your cruel whispering above my screaming. You’re a joke how my heart broke was just a casualty in this awful war between whore and victim of a worlds insanity. I curse you for crying. I curse you for trying. No good comes to those who hate the fool. You might have seen the lovers you might have seen the ghosts; or heard the sound of falling glass shattering your fucking mind leaving a grey cloud of dust behind you. I cursed you to give me your soul. Just needed to.

Penance Sentence
07-30-2019, 12:29 PM