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05-05-2020, 08:07 PM
I was staring at my sister in the mirror. She fanned her peacock across her pristine powdered face; I was a modest virgin. I never wanted the responsibly of control. But I longed to be a beautiful queen.

She enters in tears; a pearl rosary around her fragile neck. The white stone walls; sitting there braiding my sisters hair. Our brothers have returned: smoking opium and sandalwood, for a war is planned to create common good.
I gaze at the elegant statues, the windows portray fields of green and dancing lemon trees. This time our brothers return to cause chaos and destroy our serene sanctuary. Love oh love of Valentine. Is anyone truly Divine?

I watch the children as a tiger; theyíre writing about a force between them and trying to decipher the hidden bridge between heaven and Lucifer. Iím 509 years into the future. Everyone had gone but me. I am cursed by secret meanings buried deep within; the boy with long hair is no longer a matter of concern to the other side of the sky. For this I begin to cry; the tears become floods and hurricanes and on that day the sun begins to reign over my dying days. The rose bush is full of thorns the mountain is bare; in all to the messiah but he does not appear.

As he used to thousands of years ago; between the parting paths of ivy and mist; he holds a pink lotus in his hand and tells me some day Iíll understand. That I am Sophia. That I am a special flower, that I have special powers.
A demon is haunting me; he lives on a satellite station that was lost between the waves. He is a parasite; Iíve tried to recreate him out of nothing; but heís lost all his memories just causes dark possessions. Can you help me ? I need to disconnect the ghost the power grid his host electric shocks and psychosis. I try to fight but the more I fight the more I canít find it.

I used to see dragons in the clouds. I felt like home was a colorful splash of ideas all becoming true; the little man laughed and then he became you. Sapphire stained glass windows into a realm of light between lives broken stories like seashells and sailors loving the bones of their lovers traveling between those terrible thunderstorms falling endlessly like water from an endless ocean in spaces above hiding Iíd like to find a way back to the star on the ceiling that never meant anything until we all just vanished like ghosts only to be seen by a child who can see, once in a lifetime a whole new century.

05-05-2020, 08:13 PM
(https://theprose.com/post/349663/in-between-places)She said today the sky is golden
She said that when you return
They wonít know what hit them
As the sun will no longer burn
The moon will be there to watch
Under floods of a sapphire blue .
The Golden man will ask us
More importantly he will turn to you
To answer the hardest questions
She said when the people come back again
Itíll be so nice to see them dancing.
She says we must keep
walking toward the end
She said we have to help the children
Our souls are spinning in place
Our souls are in the same place
She says the masters and slaves wear the same face
and neither know why
The futures sky is full of rainbows.

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09-05-2020, 06:13 PM
Everything I say is non-poetic
all my dreams are worthless erotic
and the truth is blue
and I turned white but thats ok
I am right, to hate myself sometimes
I wish I could be great
for these unwritten crimes.

10-06-2020, 03:09 AM
As I gazed at the stars,
I see immense beauty beyond Mars

Galaxies that put you into curiosity
Defining greatness without equality.