View Full Version : HOW THE WORLD ENDS

07-07-2020, 03:13 PM

I feel the stars dancing around me in a kaleidoscope of light. Iím weightless. The sun is so bright it fills the entire ship. Iím going in and out of the darkness and madness, and weightlessness. Itís a beautiful thing. To be spinning, endlessly, at an angle. I had ever expected such a beautiful euphoria. Iíve never felt quite this way before. Itís been five hours since takeoff, and Iím drifting in and out of a dream. Music is my occupation now. Iím the explorer, exploring the memories and divination from the songs of life. A future glimpse of these beautiful machinations. In secret black universes, circles of light, ghostly apparitions of souls and stars bounding endlessly through the impossible walls of a space ship.