View Full Version : My Apocalyptic Celebration

09-05-2020, 06:18 PM
By Gabrielle BG

as we slept in mourning for a blue wave of freedom

ruby red were the eyes of the Raven

She was seeing red in Champaign delusion

black. swan of the new world order

found their white wings indivisible beyond borders

between solar secret psalms whispering

in the orphan’s mind iconic

She was crazy beautiful blind

Now she can see---through the glass walls

A million. million ideas that could be willed

and theories of control from over

But they could not stop me from rising

like a warrior fire phoenix from the ashes

of my moonlight lion dreams

and when the bowl was full to the brim

I wished miracles for him and her

and the moon took them away

and replaced them with Green

and the Beatles sleep.

So I turned into worms beliefs and potions

side effect emotions

and the world opened wide-eyed

warnings before the soul of the ocean

as I was born again in the salt immortal

Venus Rising from the fertile crescent

As we ascended from oblivion

and they all left behind the artificial matrix

of continuum singularity was undone

Earth had won.

Yearning sublime violet bright crimes

Enoch eternal Golden Gate

and The world saw Noel rise a heavenly Bird

From the flames of Lady Liberty’s fate

To a manifest destiny that only I could
The sword of truth

Piercing the veil

Born of love right through apocalyptic hate


The revolution....and the solution....really

Since I was the reason you party and

Celebrate Victory
And never again say OH WELL

Goodnight Farewell
Because the rest of them
Are going to hell.