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    Default Puddle of Mudd

    Puddle of Mudd has actually become one of my favorite bands to listen to in autumn and winter. It just seems to give me the perfect vibes for those particular seasons/climates, and I've always been sucker for catchy songs no matter what genre/musician(s) they're of/from. I also didn't really follow Puddle of Mudd in the 2000s, but thought of checking them out last year, and just gave the first 3 records some time to grow on me. I also remember at least liking Blurry and She Hates Me, so I just figured that I'd check out more of their albums and music videos.

    For those of you that are actually interested and might actually like Puddle of Mudd, I'd definitely recommend Come Clean and Life on Display. While I also enjoyed Famous and have several favorite songs from that album, with Psycho and Livn' On Borrowed Time becoming instant favorites, I have been listening to Come Clean and Life on Display the most out of all of them.

    Aside from that I haven't followed up on them more after that, but those 3 records are definitely the best for starters. Although I'd still recommend listening to Come Clean and Life on Display way before Famous.

    I also didn't realize it at first, but Puddle of Mudd was actually around since 1991, and has an EP called Stuck released in 1994 and an album called Abrasive released in 1997.

    Piss It All Away and Time Flies have also become among some of my go-to songs for the end of the year.

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